Hollywood has "Hangover" fever ever since the raucous comedy hit it big at the box office, but did you know that there are a plethora of hangovers in movie history? Booze has been flowing on screen since time immemorial, and along with drinking comes the dreaded "morning after": the headaches, the queasiness, and the "Where the hell am I?" feeling. When it comes to drinking on film, these six hangovers make up the worst in movie history.

"Dumbo." Didn't think a Disney flick from 1941 would make this list, did ya? Dumbo's dive into a bucket full of booze was epic. Beyond just mere hiccups and slurred speech, Dumbo went so far as to hallucinate pink elephants during his bout of drinking. That's got to make for one hell of a rough hangover, as evidenced by the ice pack that Dumbo sports the next day.

"The Wedding Singer." Adam Sandler's character is a drunken wreck after being left at the altar, so what does the hungover wedding singer do? He goes to his next gig and angrily derides the institution of marriage. Not a great career move, but definitely funny for the viewing audience. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed, especially when you're hungover and bitter.

"The Big Lebowski." The potent combination of a joint and some White Russians always have The Dude in a state of near-hangover, but after taking a nap on his rug, The Dude is rudely punched in the face. That's probably not the bet cure for a hangover. In fact, it probably makes the next time you wake up even more unpleasant.

"Old School." After a party that features a Snoop Dogg cameo, there's bound to be some headaches the next morning, but having the dean of the nearby college come to your house and tell you that you're being evicted has to make your hangover among the worst in history. Especially if you've already paid the first and last month's rent. Ouch.

"E.T." Surprisingly, grade school kids can't hold their alcohol. When E.T. decides to rummage through the fridge and pound some brews, his undiscovered physiological bond with Elliot leads to the young boy getting super-hammered. It will likely take more than bed rest to cure this poor kid of his hangover.

"Sixteen Candles." Long Duk Dong just wants to party with his new American friends. Unfortunately, Dong proceeds to lose track of a Rolls Royce. We could think of better ways to get over a hangover than to have an old man angrily ask "Dong, where is my automobile?!"