Movies often have some sort of overriding theme, right. A message, if you will. Some beat you over the head with it, some are a little more subtle. But then some movies have different kinds of hidden messages and hijinx and interstitial images. These are more like Easter Eggs to be sought out and found by careful viewers. Some are little shout-outs to case and crew. Others are just damn right weird. What are some of the weirdest? Read on, because we've got six for you!


1. "Fight Club"

The whole movie is defined by many as weird and subversive, so it's no surprise that weird messages abound. Apart from the occasional one-frame pop-ins of Tyler Durden or a big wang, there's the fake FBI warning that precedes the movie itself. The warning echoes many of the same sentiments regarding consumerism and so forth, but at first blush it looks pretty much like any other stern cinematic warning.


2. "The Wizard of Oz"

Beloved children's fantasy story, right? Wrong! The whole story is essentially about America around the first decade and a half of the 20th century, with all kinds of weird and hidden messages and meanings. Scarecrow? U.S. agriculture. Tinman? Manufacturing, U.S. Steel. The Lion? Foreign Policy. And remember the droning chant of the Wicked Witch's guardsmen outside her fortress? They're actually saying "All we own, we owe." Never mind the flying monkeys appearing when the Cowardly Lion says "I do believe in spooks." Weirdness abounds.


3. "Anchorman"

"Escupimos en su Alimento"–or in English, "we spit in your food." After Ron Burgundy is bested by Veronica in a battle of wits, he happens upon a little Tex-Mex cuisine, which features the above boast. Or promise. Either way, we're all set.


4. "Kill Bill, Volume 1"

Tarantino likes to pepper little oddities and gimmicks into his films. In the first installment of "Kill Bill," as The Bride walks across the glass floor of Lucy Liu's establishment, the camera reveals that on the bottom of her shoe is the simple message "F*** You." It's a weird little touch like that which helps add flavor to a character.


5. "Dumbo"

Another children's movie, another weird, scandalous message. This time, it's old-fashioned racism. Now, everyone knows about the crows and their minstrel show-style caperings. But apart from that, during the beginning of the movie, pay attention to the song when the circus tent is being set up. Every single worker is black, and the song is about how they'll work all day, only to get paid and throw their pay away. Seriously.


6. "I Am Legend"

In the ruins of the city, high on a building, there is a symbol that would create a comic-book fan's wet dream. It's an ad for a Batman-Superman crossover flick, which is like pure candy for fanboys. But why tease us like that? Why? Not only is it a weird little visual, but it's cruel too!