The 6 Weirdest Christmas Movies I Watched Last Weekend

Tuesday, December 27 by
You made it weird, dude. 

Christmas has provided filmmakers with lots of inspiration over the years. We have our classic Christmas specials and films like It’s A Wonderful Life, and our terrible attempts like Christmas With The Kranks. But there’s another type of Christmas movie out there; films that are just too weird to be bad. They may fall short of genius, but there is a sublime quality to them, a certain something that just needs to be witnessed. Preferably while tanked.

Well, over the last four days, I did some heavy research on the subject, and came up with the following six films.

The Magic Christmas Tree

As you may have gleaned from the title, the family motion picture The Magic Christmas Tree is about a Christmas tree that talks. And since no Christmas family motion picture would be complete without a happy witch, greedy giant, or runaway lawnmower, they have those too. It also features a thrilling scene where Santa Claus is captured. You’ll want to see that!


It’s really your classic holiday tale. A girl discovers she’s the focus of an evil Nazi experiment that involves wicked elves and the selective breeding of a race of super-soldiers. One thing leads to another, and she and her friends are locked in the mall with a killer elf. Only Dan Haggerty’s disgraced alcoholic detective turned Mall Santa can put the pieces together and save the day.

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