The 6 Rowdiest Bar Scenes In Movie History

Monday, February 13 by Joseph Gibson


Bars are generally quiet, placid places where you can quietly enjoy a drink and/or dance on the table. But sometimes, especially in movies, things can get a bit out of hand. Here are six of the most out-of-hand, rowdiest bar scenes in movie history. Enjoy, but just remember at 2 a.m., you got to go home.

"Dodge City." Westerns are famous for their rowdy bar fight scenes, often involving characters who have no real animosity towards one another, and simply beat each other up for no reason. One of the best scenes can be found in the Errol Flynn western "Dodge City," which many people believe is the biggest and best bar fight of the classic Hollywood era. Even if it wasn't, the scene had a definite hand in inspiring one of the other best bar fights in the history of the western.

"Blazing Saddles." Mel Brooks' affectionate spoof of Hollywood westerns had to have a bar fight. But since this is a Mel Brooks movie, you know the fight wasn't going to be contained in the bar. Instead, it spills out into the western town, and eventually sprawls into the neighboring set where a splashy musical is being filmed before ending up at the Warner Brothers commissary. Before you ask, yes, pies are involved.

"Bad Day at Black Rock." The setup for this bar scene is simple: one lonely bar, a one-armed Spencer Tracy, and three or four thugs led by none other than Lee Marvin. Somewhat surprisingly, Spencer Tracy manages to come out on top, thanks to the magic of martial arts. Only takes one arm to chop, remember.

"Batman: The Movie." Ye Olde Benbow Tavern is well-known in Gotham City as a hangout for drunks, sailors, drunk sailors, and the occasional cat woman. So it's not exactly unexpected when the scene devolves into absolute chaos thanks to a comically-large cherry bomb that's up to Batman to dispose of. This leads to one of the most famous gags in the movie, with Batman trying to find a safe place to get rid of a bomb but being thwarted by nuns and ducklings. Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.

batman with bomb.jpg

"Star Wars." The Mos Eisley Cantina may be a wretched hive of scum and villainy (or whatever), but it's still a pretty hopping joint, even on weeknights. The only problem is that its patrons tend to die violently pretty often. Case and point, the crowd's indifferent reaction to Han Solo killing Greedo with his laser blaster.

Harrison Ford star wars cast.jpg

"Pesci's character in "Goodfellas" is getting stomped half to death, locked in a trunk, stabbed multiple times, and buried in the middle of nowhere. Last call.

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