Kind and compassionate female leads often make for stories that are filled with self-righteous, cuddly talking animals that you really only want to see after your fourth canning jar of homemade moonshine. What you need are female characters that chew metal and spit bullets to satisfy your lust for good, non-upstanding characters that will keep your your attention held rapt. Give equality and the fairer sex a shot by couching yourself in front of the six rowdiest bad girls in movies.

Ellen, “The Quick and the Dead”

In a time when women weren’t considered equal nor worthy of men’s work, being a gunfighter was far past the reach of the ordinary woman. “The Quick and the Dead” finds Ellen plotting to take out her father’s killer, using her aggression and manipulative skills to swing the odds in her favor. Watch her send a defeated opponent to the grave for breaking her shot of whiskey and you’ll see why Ellen is one of the rowdiest bad girls in movies.

Violet, “Ultraviolet”

Violet’s motorcycle escape from the Archministry is sheer ridiculous fun as she ignores gravity and physics, creating a scene filled with carnage and color. She doesn’t just participate in the rebellion against the current government in “Ultraviolet,” but she goes the extra mile and revolts against the rebellion itself. If that isn’t hardcore trouble-making to you, then you’d better be able to set off a metal detector with a glance from all the pins in your bones.

Sarah Connor, “The Terminator”

Crazy enough to go for a roll in the hay with a time traveler, Sarah Connor begins her transition to ultimate bad girl in “The Terminator." Don’t let the giant 80’s hair fool you; the mother of the resistance is just getting started. Connor’s so bad she’s able to belt out her own one-liner as she sends the terminator to a compact grave. When she turns up in the sequel, she's gone full-on rowdy bad-ass crazy.

Hit Girl, “Kick-Ass”

Taking down grown up criminals permanently and having a lust for blood makes Hit Girl one to be feared. Blades, guns, and fists are all just tools of her trade as she works her way through the criminal underworld of “Kick-Ass”. If Hit Girl’s negotiation scene where she takes two more bullets to the chest during her father’s lesson doesn’t qualify her for legendary bad girl status then the voting is rigged!

Elle Driver, “Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2”

Lying to the head of your assassin’s crew is dangerous. Lying to the leader about who really killed his brother (hint: it was Elle), you've earned your spot as a nefarious and rowdy bad girl.. Her lecture on the Black Mamba snake to a dying Budd in “Kill Bill Volume 2” illustrates just how vicious Elle truly is. Of course, she wasn't quite rowdy enough to avoid having her good eye ripped out!

Babydoll, “Sucker Punch”

Badness incarnate, Babydoll dreams up an escape plan, procuring all the equipment she needs for it while transitioning between various hallucinations and reality, all while in a mental hospital. Unfortunately for her, she’s not escaping some sunshine and flowers behavior therapy ward in “Sucker Punch,” but a hospital that has brutal and corrupt workers. You have to be a rough and tumble girl to take on the steampunk enhanced soldiers as she does on her quest to obtain the necessary map for the breakout.