Movie treasure hunters are rare, but incredible characters when they are good, as they all have one common goal:  find the treasure. They always have great adventures and some of the better ones help people along the way. But the fact that they are going for that fantastical goal of actually finding treasure is something we all can't seem to get enough of. Below are some of the best treasure hunters ever created on film and will make you want to find a worn map and go out searching yourself.


Indiana Jones in, well, all the "Indiana Jones" films

The incredible artifact, which is the educated way for saying treasure hunter, is what Indiana Jones is often after, but he uncovers a lot more on each adventure. Everything that has Indiana Jones in it is good, from the first three films to "Young Indiana Jones"-with the exception of the terrible fourth film.


Benjamin Franklin Gates in "National Treasure"

Nicolas Cage's character goes searching for the treasures left over by our founding fathers, making this film a series of fun riddles thanks to great writing and directing. There are clues throughout and it may be one of the best treasure hunting movies to date.


Captain Jack Sparrow

The most entertaining thing about "The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise is undoubtedly Jack Sparrow, who is actually searching for various treasures throughout his time onscreen. He's a pirate of course and pirates are always on the hunt for buried treasure of some kind.


The first "The Mummy" team

One of the most underrated studio treasure hunting films, "The Mummy" is the Indiana Jones sequel they never did, starring Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weitz. The digital effects are incredible, the film is comedic, and the action is superb. This is one of the most enjoyable treasure hunting movies ever.


The soldiers in "Three Kings"

George Clooney, Ice Cube and Mark Walhberg are the three American soldiers who roll through the desert during the Iraq war in search of bullion stolen by Sadaam Hussein. A hip, well-directed treasure hunter war film that is both entertaining, intense and well-written. David O. Russell didn't do anything great again until "The FIghter."


Romer Treece in "The Deep"

Robert Shaw plays a veteran treasure hunter in this late 70's classic about a motley crew of treasure hunters funding an expedition to get both gold and heroin off sunken ships. Shaw was a masterful actor and this may be one of his best, little-known performances.