Drummers seem to be the most underappreciated members of any rock 'n' roll band. The lead singer takes the audience's attention; the guitarist has all the cool musical moments; and the bassist maintains the rhythm of the sound. Drummers just sit behind a kit that eclipses them and hits the drums with two sticks like an infant. There aren't many drummers in movies and even when they do star in a film, they're underappreciated. Here are the 6 most underappreciated movie drummers of all time.

Robb Reiner, "Anvil: The Story of Anvil"

Anvil's career has been one long, hard struggle. They were once one of the most promising metal acts in the world, but in the early '80s their album sales dried up and it was only until this 2008 documentary by Sacha Gervasi that new listeners got a chance to listen to Anvil. The band's singer, Steve "Lips" Kudlow, is the emotional heartbeat of the band, but it's reliable drummer Robb Reiner who has to deal with his problems. 

Mick Shrimpton, "This Is Spinal Tap"

Spinal Tap never had a lot of success with their drummers. They had a long line of unfortunate drummers who perished from freak accidents whilst the band's three main members—David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls and Nigel Tufnel—avoided these shenanigans. Mick lasted a little bit longer compared to the other drummers until he unfortunately perished from spontaneous combustion. It happens.

Ed Vallencourt, "Almost Famous"

Cameron Crowe's engaging rock 'n' roll drama revolves around the antics of fictitious rock band Stillwater and the efforts of a teenage journalist working for "Rolling Stone." Billy Crudup and Jason Lee are, respectively, the lead guitarist and lead singer for the band who seem to be on the brink of success, but a brush with death sees the band's drummer come out to the rest of the band.

Ringo Starr, "A Hard Day's Night"

Probably the world's most famous drummer, Ringo was also a pretty good actor. His greatest display came in the band's greatest film in which Ringo runs away from the group and gets into several quarrels with the general public. Ultimately, he realizes that his place is alongside John, Paul and George.

Devon Miles, "Drumline"

Nick Cannon stars as a young drummer from New York who starts college at Atlanta A&T University and immediately comes into battle with the leader of his school's drum section. Of course, Cannon and his cohorts soon begin to learn from each other after facing many obstacles during their endeavors.


Freddy Jones, "The School of Rock"

"The School of Rock" turned Jack Black into a movie behemoth and it wasn't just down to his comedic chops; it was because of the cute little kids who formed the band, too. Of course, the guitarists, bass players and singers got most of the limelight, but the band's drummer, Freddy Jones, showed he can also smash the skin pretty well.