Unless you're a churchgoing fellow, you probably don't hear too much about demons. Sure, you might hear tell of a demon or two at your local comic book store, but demons don't have the same cache that vampires or zombies have. Fortunately for demons, they are often the most terrifying of horror movie creatures, as these six movie demons can demonstrate. If they feel like it, that is.

Chernabog, "Fantasia"

Lots of kids raised on Disney movies probably remember this guy, the big black demon from the end of "Fantasia" who looks a lot like Bela Lugosi (probably because Lugosi served as a model for him). He raises a bunch of ghosts, imps and lesser demonic creatures during his segment of "Fantasia," but it's the big guy himself who sticks in people's brains the most.

Mr. Scratch, "The Devil and Daniel Webster"

Like Chernabog, Mr. Scratch is often referred to as the devil himself, but unlike Chernabog, Scratch seems to be having a really good time being evil. He snagged the soul of a farmer in what was supposed to be a routine deal with the devil, but the farmer managed to get the famed lawyer and orator Daniel Webster to defend him in "court" against Mr. Scratch. No matter the outcome of the case, though, Scratch will be free to do his evil all over again once it's over.

Asmodeus, "Equinox"

One tricky thing about demons is you never know what form they'll take next. That's the problem the four teenagers in "Equinox" have—they just want to go on a picnic and while they're annoyed by that creepy-looking park ranger, they probably don't suspect he's a murderous demon. He is, though, and he's got red eyes and wings to prove it. The teens try to kill the demon, but all they do is piss off another mean-looking creature in the process. So few encounters with demons end well.

Pazuzu, "The Exorcist"

This is a particularly nasty demon possessing the body of a 12-year-old girl. After medical science fails to treat the girl's odd behavior and seemingly supernatural happenings in her bedroom, her mother resorts to an exorcism. Pazuzu will stop at nothing to throw the exorcists off their game, including imitating the recently deceased mother of one of them. That's not even close to being the creepiest thing this guy does, but this is a family publication, so you're going to have to watch the movie to find out.

Damien, "The Omen"

Here's another example of a demon not being what he appears to be. In this case, he appears to be an innocent, if somewhat creepy, boy. But as his adopted father eventually comes to believe, Damien is the Antichrist (maybe they should have named him something less ominous, like "Davey" or something). He comes to this belief after a series of deaths—suicides and accidents mostly—but with a little digging they're all revealed to be supernatural in origin. Keep an eye on the kid, will you?

Unnamed Demon, "Paranormal Activity"

It's said that the filmmakers behind "Paranormal Activity" decided to make their creature a demon after finding demons to be the most evil of all supernatural creatures. Yep. This one's pretty nasty, too, toying with a young couple before possessing and/or killing them both and all because ... well, who knows why demons do the things they do? Just pray you never run across one.