Bullies. They're a part of everyday life. There's no way that you can escape them, and when they catch up to you there's only one ending-but it isn't pretty. These creatures mostly live in the habitat known as school, but sometimes they venture out to the world of cinema. Here are the six most terrifying movie bullies to ever grace the big screen. 

Biff Tannen, "Back To The Future"

The quintessential cinema bully, at the start of "Back to the Future" Biff has a successful business and all of the power of George McFly. Come the film's conclusion after Marty's meddling, he has been demoted and is George's bitch-all because he looked to hook up with Lorraine back in 1955. When George punches him, it's one of cinema's greatest moments ever.

Regina George, "Mean Girls"

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a movie star? It happened! But it was Rachel McAdams who stole the show as Regina George, the uber-bitch who turns the entire school against one another. And that's quite an achievement.

Johnny Lawrence, "The Karate Kid"

This kid is so Arian, he would have been Hitler's wet dream. (That sentence sounds wrong.) Privileged, but still able to kick enormous ass, Johnny is amazingly easy to dislike, especially when he is put up against his loveable nemesis. 

Fred O'Bannion, "Dazed and Confused"

Before becoming one of Hollywood's most respected and burgeoning directors, Ben Affleck was quite talented as an actor. His breakthrough role came as Fred O'Bannion, who would use a wooden paddle to smack terrified freshman. Really, he is pretty sad.

Bobby Kent, "Bully"

If you are murdered by your friends because of your bullying ways, you know you must have been doing something wrong. Based on the real-life murder of Bobby Kent, Nick Stahl gives a terrifying performance in Larry Clarks' follow-up to "Kids". 

Nurse Ratched, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

Ratched is maybe the worst kind of bully: someone who takes advantage of people who can't help themselves. Jack Nicholson's Randle McMurphy looks to squash her terror, but he can't subside her tedious brainwashing.