For whatever reason, there has been a resurgence in incredibly brutal, live-action horror films-also known by the descriptive term "horror porn"-that have done very well at the box office. While these violent movies are sickening, with graphic depictions of people being tortured and brutally murdered, they generally don’t hold a candle to the incredibly violent Japanese anime horror films that have been popular for decades. Below are the six most violent and stomach-churning anime movies out there, which will forever change the way you look at cartoons.

"Highschool of the Dead"

This anime film series follows high school students who must fight off other zombie high school students. Sounds kind of cool, like a cartoon version of "The Faculty" meets "The Walking Dead". When you actually see it, you’ll realize it’s much more disgusting, even in watercolors, with people getting gutted, eaten and decapitated. You'll also find yourself strangely attracted to sexy underage girls in hardly any clothes covered in blood and gore.

"Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek"

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This anime film takes place in a town full of children who are scary as hell, a la "Children of the Corn". There are also really frightening Japanese demons, making this anime film scarier than most and graphically violent when necessary. Nothing like psychotic children who will rip you apart on whim to make you never, ever want kids who watch cartoons.

"Devil May Cry"

This twelve part anime film follows a guy who goes to hell to see all the savagery of the most savage mythical place ever. Lots of demons, lots of torture, lots of blood and guts. In fact, some of the torture scenes where people's guts are pulled out are almost unwatchable. Then again, what else do you expect in a place like hell?

"Yu Yu Hakusho"

A 112 part series that has a number of films in it, "Yu Yu Hakusho" has incredibly graphic and violent episodes, as well as some that are very slow. The different pacing will surprise you and disgust you, as deaths are violent, graphic and surprising. Interestingly, one of the more graphically disgusting moments comes when one of the main villains is reborn as a partial demon, the human body bursting off.

"Death Note"

In "Death Note", you are rooting for a killer the whole time, making you as sick as the violent things he is doing in this series of anime films. So when someone is gutted or beheaded, you theoretically are jumping out of your chair for joy. Meaning you might want to think about what you are watching. As every human whose name is written down in the killer's notebook will ultimately die, you're guaranteed some incredibly violent "Final Destination" type death scenes.


A story of a psychotic warrior, the incredibly graphic violence moves to a war zone, where grotesque killings are commonplace and excusable. Watch all 25 episodes of this anime film series if you have the stomach for it. Considering the main character is named Guts, little more explanation is needed for how graphically violent this anime series actually is.