The 6 Most Evil Robots In TV And Movies

Thursday, April 26 by John Coon

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Some robots on movies and television apparently never met Isaac Asimov. The famous science fiction writer created laws of robotics that dictate that robots could not harm humans and were designed to serve them. A bunch of robots have completely disregarded these laws. From turning Earth into an apocalyptic wasteland to attempting to assimilate other life forms, there are plenty of movie robots who are programmed to embrace evil. These six robots from movies and TV are the worst of the villainous lot:


T- 800 terminator.jpg

Skynet is an evil computer network determined to conquer and destroy humanity. It's only natural it would spawn robots who exist for the purpose of executing John Connor and other key resistance leaders. The T-800 came after Connor's mother before he was born. The T-1000 tried to slice and dice him when he was a whiny preteen brat. Still, for being robotic assassins, they did not fare well at executing their primary target. Connor kept finding ways to survive long enough to lead the human resistance.

Tricia-Helfer battlestar galactica cast.jpg

These “Battlestar Galactica” villains turned on their creators in epic fashion. They waged a pair of wars with the human population of the twelve colonies and massacred billions of people in a surprise ambush of all 12 colonial worlds. The best part is cylons resemble humans closely enough to masquerade as their enemy as they work overtime to exterminate the small remnant of surviving humans.

Borg Queen:


Out of all of the “Star Trek” villains, the Borg are the most formidable foe. They are a blend of organic and cybernetic humanoid creature, devoted to assimilating entire races and planets to serve their purposes. The Borg are a hive mind dominated by the Borg Queen. She is a cold and calculating being who takes great pleasuring in conquering and assimilating everything in the path of the Borg.


What makes the replicants in “Blade Runner” so dangerous is their self-awareness. They escape from the off-world colony where they are enslaved as workers and come to Earth searching for answers on basic questions related to their existence. It is up to a burnt-out cop played by Harrison Ford to “retire” them for the crime of wanting what every human wants – a sense of purpose and a reason for existence.


Leave it to a robot to an ultimate company man. Ash thinks nothing of betraying his fellow crew members on the Nostromo in “Alien” to obtain a specimen of a xenomorph to take back to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Ash is willing to let each of them die to execute his orders and it takes a well-placed blow to his head from a fire extinguisher to finally stop him in his tracks.



If you are looking for a party to blame for a race of evil robots masquerading as all sorts of automobiles and lining the pockets of an evil toy company and director Michael Bay, Megatron is the perfect scapegoat. He is the supreme leader of the Decepticons and leads them in their eternal quest to destroy a race of noble robots called the Autobots. They destroy their own planet and naturally head to Earth to continue their war here. As if the people of this planet did not already have enough evil robots to contend with in the first place.

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