Helicopter movies are awesome. Normally when movies feature helicopters, they are involved in rescue missions, combat, or devastating crashes. Some movie helicopters are simple military craft, while others are rescue choppers, but we don't care either way as long as it gives a good show when it crashes. Here we've compiled six of most epic helicopter crashes in movies. 


"Black Hawk Down"

The most epic helicopter crash goes to "Black Hawk Down," the 2001 movie based on the Battle of Mogadishu. The story centers around a mission to rescue a black hawk that was shot down in the streets of Somalia. In an attempt to extract the survivors, the Rangers, Delta Force, and 160th SOAR not only suffer heavy casualties, but have another helicopter get shot down. 


"Courage Under Fire"

Another helicopter crash movie associated with a military battle, "Courage Under Fire" starred Meg Ryan, Denzel Washington, and Lou Diamond Phillips. This 1998 film took place during the Gulf War, where Lieutenant Colonel Serling (Washington) was ordered to investigate whether or not Captain Karen Walden deserved to be the first woman to receive the Medal of Honor after she was killed while leading a rescue mission to evacuate the survivors of a downed black hawk. 


"Independence Day"

"Independence Day" is a popular 1996 science fiction movie starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman. Aliens invade Earth, killing a large portion of the world's population. While Smith, Pullman, and others fight aliens throughout the movie, a pivotal part of the film is when the First Lady's rescue helicopter crashes when it gets caught up in an explosion. 



One of the most overrated monster movies of recent years is "Cloverfield." This 2008 film features a monster from the sea that wreaks havoc on New York City. The movie was filmed as though it was shot from a hand-held camera. One of the beauties of the movie is that it stars a few hot women. It also features an epic helicopter crash scene at the end when the monster jumps up, knocking the chopper out of the air. 


"Battle: Los Angeles"

Another alien attack movie, "Battle: Los Angeles" is one of the most underrated action films in quite some time. Starring the sexy Michelle Rodriguez, "Battle: Los Angeles" is about a group of Marines and an airman (Rodriguez) who try to rescue as many civilians as they can before the city gets nuked. However, while they manage to gather a few citizens, a rescue helicopter gets shot down by an alien space craft that comes out of nowhere. 


"Lake Placid"

This epic monster movie starring Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, and Betty White was a box office success. Taking place in rural Maine, a large crocodile goes on a feeding frenzy, which includes cows, bears, and humans. There were two sequels made, and while they feature more tits and ass than the original, the first movie has the best helicopter crash scene when the crocodile grabs the helicopter and pulls in into the lake.