It's no surprise that many of the most memorable movie scenes involve characters who have a love for the bottle. Whether they are remembered as being funny, sad or downright depressing, these six most epic drinking scenes in movie history have left a major impression on moviegoers of all ages.

The shot drinking contest from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Men love a woman who can handle her liquor, especially if that talent can win bets. That’s exactly what happens when Indiana Jones’ once-and-future love interest, Marian Ravenwood, outlasts a Nepalese local in a shot drinking contest. It’s unclear exactly who challenged who, but when this epic drinking scene is over, one person is passed out on the floor, and the other closes up the bar and travels the world with Indiana Jones.

Bluto’s whiskey scene in “National Lampoon’s Animal House”.

You can put a man’s fraternity on double secret probation, and you can even evict him and his brothers from said frat house. But spill one drop of that man’s alcohol, and you might have a situation on your hands. Luckily for Bluto (played by the legendary John Belushi), his brothers can sense this and quickly toss the hard-drinking college student a bottle of Jack Daniels, which is downed in one huge gulp. Not only has this image emerged as one of the most epic movie drinking scenes of all time, it has spawned the creation of countless posters and T-shirts that have come to symbolize the American college experience.

Nicholas Cage’s role in “Leaving Las Vegas”.

It’s rare for an entire movie to be considered an epic drinking scene, but Nicholas Cage manages to deliver just that in his role as suicidal alcoholic Ben Sanderson. It doesn’t get any more epic (or depressing) than seeing a man get rid of all his possessions, head to Las Vegas, buy a cart full of booze and slowly drink himself to death. Audiences will be left gasping at just how much liquor this man is able to consume.

Buttermaker’s daily ritual in “The Bad News Bears".

In between cleaning swimming pools and mentoring little leaguers, Morris Buttermaker (brilliantly played by Walter Matthau) likes to hit the sauce, even if that means having to mix up a cocktail in the front seat of his car before practice. The movie is filled with them, but perhaps the most epic drinking scene comes when Buttermaker takes to the mound (along with a cooler of beer) and proceeds to toss a round of batting practice. It’s hard to say how long that practice was originally scheduled to last, but after Buttermaker collapses on the mound, the team decides to call it quits.

Frank the Tank’s drinking binge in “Old School”.

When a man well past college age attends a college house party and checks his inhibitions at the door, bad things are bound to happen. One beer bong leads to another, and that scheduled Saturday afternoon trip to Home Depot becomes a distant memory. Luckily, this epic drinking scene ends relatively harmlessly, with Frank (aka Will Ferrell) leading a one man streaking party.

Kid Shellen’s gunfighting audition in “Cat Ballou”.

When title character Cat Ballou (Jane Fonda) hires the once legendary gunfighter Kid Shellen ( Lee Marvin) to protect the family homestead, she thinks she’s getting the best money can buy. But when Shellen’s stagecoach rolls into town, and the haggard gunfighter reports for duty with no gun and a shaky shooting hand, the only thing that can get him back on track is a swig (or two, or three) of whiskey. Fueled by the alcohol, Shellen quickly springs into action with a fast-talking, sharp shooting display of western-inspired bravado that impresses his new employer. Unfortunately, this side of Shellen only lasts a few minutes, as the alcohol takes effect, and he turns back into the bumbling, stumbling drunk he arrived as.