Thanks to ITV’s wildly popular "Downton Abbey," old-fashioned British elegance is back in vogue. But "Downton Abbey" does not have the monopoly on elegant styles. These six most elegant characters not on "Downton Abbey" give Lady Mary Crawley a run for her money when it comes to fashion and grace.


Lady Agnes Holland 

In “Upstairs, Downstairs,” Lady Agnes is the mistress of 165 Eaton Place. She is the daughter of royalty who has married into wealth. Her dress is always glamorous and elegant, while her manner is always graceful. She is the perfect hostess to her husband’s guests and is always eloquent when she speaks to them.


Jane Bennett 

In “Pride and Prejudice,” Jane Bennett is considered the beauty of the Bennett family. Her dresses are simple, but elegant. Her manner is always cheerful, quiet and charming. Because of her charm, beauty and propriety, she is the first of the Bennett girls to attract a suitor. She manages to catch the eye of the considerably better off Mr. Bingley. Jane’s charm and grace make her one of the most elegant characters not on "Downton Abbey."


Lady Harriet Cumnor 

Another one of the most elegant characters in television is Lady Harriet Cumnor of “Wives and Daughters.” Cumnor was born to be a lady. She holds herself with grace and authority. Her conversation is witty and charming. Her fine dresses and elaborate hairstyles lend her a royal appearance. Meanwhile, her method of speaking belies aristocratic upbringing.


Laura Timmins 

Although Laura Timmins of “Lark Rise to Candleford” grew up in near poverty, she becomes very elegant after moving from Lark Rise to Candleford. Her neatly combed hair, high collars and fancy hats lend her a simple but stylish appearance. Although she is only an assistant to the post-mistress, her beauty and grace are nearly equal to Lady Mary’s "Downton Abbey" styles.


Elizabeth Poldark

In "Poldark," Elizabeth Poldark is the cold, but beautiful love interest of her cousin, Ross Poldark. Elizabeth's aristocratic elegance and high fashion make Ross's wife, Demelza feel inferior to her. Meanwhile, her lofty demeanor and great beauty manage to secure her two other suitors. Poldark's lofty elegance rivals that of Downton Abbey's Crawley sisters.



Abigail, played by Opera singer Katherine Jenkins in “Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol,” is as beautiful as any fairytale princess. Abigail dresses simply, in a thin white dress with a light blue riding cloak. But her hair, worn neatly down around her shoulders, glows almost magically. Meanwhile her voice is well disciplined and stunningly beautiful. Her gentle and charming manner and haunting vocals make her, perhaps, the most elegant character not on "Downton Abbey."