Most moviegoers expect only the most gruesome of horror movies and psychological thrillers to leave them feeling disorientated and disturbed, however, disturbing movie scenes come in all forms. But for some viewers, there’s always something especially troubling about the thought of being poisoned. And with that in mind, here are 6 disturbing poison scenes from some movies everyone will remember.


The poison scene from “Into the Wild”

Things are  going great for Christopher McCandless in the uninhabited Alaskan outback. So much so that many viewers may have even found themselves longing for McCandless’ chosen way of life, away from the chaos of modern society. But when he unknowingly eats a poisonous form of wild potato, things quickly sour. What’s depicted next is a serious of hallucinations, convulsions, tremors, and a general feeling of terror (for both the main character and the audience) as McCandless slowly succumbs to the poison running through his body, which makes for a rather disturbing movie poison scene.


The ‘gut-busting’ scene from “Alien”

One of the most famous movie scenes in history, also happens to be one of the most disturbing movie poison scenes. No mater how many times you've seen this movie, the thought of having an alien latch onto a person’s face and poison them by imbedding one of its spawn in their stomach is rather nauseating. But when said spawn spontaneously decides to bust out of their stomach, the scene definitely qualifies as disturbing.


The final scene in “Romeo and Juliet”

It doesn’t matter what version of this timeless tale you're watching, they all end with the same disturbing poison scene, whereby Romeo, believing fair Juliet is already dead, ingests a vile of poison rather than go on living without her. Though Romeo’s eventual demise isn’t especially gruesome, Juliet’s ensuring suicide via dagger, and the feelings surrounding lost love, death, and the tragedy caused by this family rivalry, have left many a moviegoer (or theatergoer) somewhat disturbed.


The poison apple scene from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Yeah, it’s a cartoon based on a fairy tale...made for children. So what? What child wouldn’t be disturbed by the thought of “the fairest one of all” suffering an unexpected death by a poisonous apple? You have to figure that this disturbing movie poison scene caused more than a few children to develop a fear of eating apples.


The hot pepper/rat poison scene in “Dumb and Dumber”

Most will agree that “Dumb and Dumber” is one of the funniest movies of all time. But right smack in the middle of this comedic masterpiece is yet another disturbing movie poison scene. When Harry and Lloyd decide to use hot peppers to play a prank on their unsuspecting travel mate, they never suspect it to result in death. In fact, the dimwitted duo even try to save the guy. What they don’t realize is that rat poison is probably not the desired antidote. What ensues is some sweat, swear words, mouth froth, stomach gurgling, and eventually a disturbing death. Now that’s comedy!


The videotaped poisoning scene in “The Sixth Sense”

This film has more than a few eerie moments, but perhaps none is as disturbing as when main character Cole Sear (the kid who sees dead people) presents a grieving father with a startling revelation during his own daughter’s funeral. Claiming that the little girl “wanted to tell you something” Cole presents the grief-stricken father with a mysterious video tape. The tape starts off innocently enough, showing the little girl playing in her room. But when the girl’s step-mom enters the room with the day’s lunch, the child quickly rushes into bed, but leaves the camera running. With the tape still rolling, step-mom is seen spiking the girl’s soup with poison, explaining the reason behind the child’s untimely death. If the thought of a parent (even a step parent) doing that to a child doesn’t disturb you, chances are not much will!