People love to see bone-crushing injuries, but they're so rare in everyday life. That's when the magic of movies comes to the rescue, giving you access to the kind of brutal injuries you crave, on demand and at the touch of a button! Here are six of the most brutal movie injuries, check 'em out and pretend it could never happen to you. It probably won't, right?

"The Wages of Fear." You probably don't expect to see a particularly brutal injury in a movie from 1953. Generally, movie injuries didn't start to get realistic until the late 1960s. But there's a scene in "The Wages of Fear" that ranks it towards the top of the list. A man has his leg run over by a truck, and it's shown hanging limply after being completely shattered. It's pretty strong stuff, especially from the decade that gave us "Leave it to Beaver."

"Deliverance." The thing most people remember about "Deliverance" is the "squeal like a pig" scene, but there's another moment of shocking violence that's almost as memorable. Dead bodies are a common sight in thrillers, but this poor guy has his arm twisted around his neck in a truly disgusting contortion. It's a good thing he was dead (although the actor playing the part had to do it while alive).

"Any Given Sunday." Professional football is a high-impact sport, and the potential for extreme injury is high. But even hardened football fans were probably taken aback by the famous shot in Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday" of a player getting hit so hard that his eyeball gets knocked out of his skull. It's enough to give anybody shift in their seat, or at least reconsider a career in the NFL.

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." Horrible things can happen to the human body in an action movie, but it somehow seems worse when it's something a little mundane, like the scene in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" when Michelle Monaghan slams a door on Robert Downey Jr.'s hand, cutting off one of his fingers. He reacts pretty much as you'd imagine. But the awful thing is, losing a finger was not even the worst injury he suffered.

"127 Hours." Sometimes the most brutal sports injuries are self-inflicted, which is the case in "127 Hours." James Franco had a good reason for cutting off his own arm with a dull blade though. It was either that or die pinned between a rock and a much larger rock. Danny Boyle's movie of the amazing true story shows the messy deed in full detail, and nobody who watches the movie is likely to forget it.

"The Dark Knight." Not all movie injuries have to be realistic to be brutal. Take poor Harvey Dent - played by Aaron Eckhart, he begins the movie as a tough-talking, crusading district attorney. But he ends it with exactly one half of his face hideously burned, complete with eyeball hanging out, scar tissue, and the works. It's uncomfortable to say the least.