FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation, but it might as well stand for Full-on Badass, Incredible! Especially if you take these six movie FBI agents into consideration. They do what needs to be done to keep America safe from criminals and other assorted undesirables - often in the most badass way possible and while wearing a suit. The suit is an important part of it.

Chip Hardesty, "The FBI Story"

This wart-free look at the beginnings of the FBI is another slickly-produced piece of Hollywood sausage, but like most of those sausages it's supremely entertaining even when it's total BS. James Stewart plays the main character, and he gets to do all kinds of badass things, most notably infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan in order to take apart a KKK cell from within. The sight of Jimmy Stewart in a Klan robe is something you're not likely to forget, and he was certainly a badass to attempt such an operation.

Clarice Starling, "The Silence of the Lambs"

Clarice Starling, as played by Jodie Foster in the blockbuster suspense-thriller "Silence of the Lambs," might not be an experienced FBI agent. But what she lacks in years in the bureau she makes up for in sheer badass-ness, standing toe-to-toe with lethal killers like Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill and barely batting an eyelash.

Rupert Anderson and Alan Ward, "Mississippi Burning"

The based-on-a-true-story plot of "Mississippi Burning" features two FBI agents with wildly different styles, sent to rural Mississippi to investigate the killing of three civil rights activists. Ward is a liberal from the north played by Willem Dafoe, while Anderson is a former sheriff who knows how to deal with the virulent racists of the 1960s south, and is played by Gene Hackman. Hackman probably edges out Dafoe in the badass department.

Johnny Utah, "Point Break"

One of the most dangerous things an FBI agent can be called to do is to infiltrate a gang of criminals. And not that you need further proof that a guy by the name of "Johnny Utah" is a badass, but that's exactly what Johnny Utah does. The gang is a bunch of surfers and ruthless bank robbers known as The Dead Presidents, headed up by a never-better Patrick Swayze. In his finest moment of badass behavior, Utah (played by Keanu Reeves) pursues Swayze out of an airplane without a parachute.

Joe Pistone, "Donnie Brasco"

Even more dangerous than infiltrating a gang of surfers/bank robbers: Infiltrating the Mafia. That's what Johnny Depp does in "Donnie Brasco," and badass eventually turns into something more nuanced: He grows emotionally connected with his new "friends," including Al Pacino and Michael Madsen as members of the mob.

L.T. Bonham, "The Hunted"


Perhaps the most badass FBI agent in all of movies is played by Tommy Lee Jones in William Friedkin's "The Hunted." The movie is basically non-stop action and tension as Bonham is brought on a case to pursue a rogue former military man played by Benicio Del Toro. Both men are highly skilled in various ways to kill, particularly knife-fighting. "Badass" is probably the best way to describe it.