There are several movies featuring fantastic sex scenes. Some are steamy while others are funny. Meanwhile, there are some that are so sexy they take your breath away. On the flip side there are some sex scenes that are brutally awkward. What makes a sex scene awkward? Perhaps it is images that cause moviegoers to cringe in embarrassment. Or scenes that make audiences burst out in laughter. It could even include sex scenes that take place in awkward places or involve conditions and circumstances that are totally unorthodox. Below are six of the most awkward sex scenes of all-time that possess these traits and more.


Apple Pie Scene in "American Pie"

It does not get much more awkward than a parent walking in on a teenager while he or she is having sex: unless of course you are that teenager. The awkwardness magnifies tenfold when that parent catches you with your wanker stuck in the pie hole of a freshly baked dessert. That was the unfortunate situation that horny teenage virgin Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) found himself in when his dad caught him molesting his mother's freshly baked apple pie. Bon Appetite!

Knuckle Shuffle Scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

Like any typical red blooded American in his teens, fast food employee Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) finds himself fantasizing about  the lovely bikini-clad Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates) as he watches her bath in their pool. Meanwhile, he decides to give Rosie Palm and her five fingers some action and of course Hamilton walks in on him in mid-stroke. Classic. 

Condom Scene in "Naked Gun"

Detective Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) meets the girl of his dreams in Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley). As it turns out, they both believe in practicing safe sex; so much so that they each bundle themselves up in a pair of condoms that would look big on King Kong. Shirley....errr...surely this ended up being one awkward romp. 

Masturbation Scene in "Black Swan"

Black Swan may have been one of the most depressing movies of the past decade but it did feature two sexy scenes featuring Natalie Portman. Easily the most talked about scene is when Nina Sayers (Portman) imagines her sexy dance rival Lily (Mila Kunis) performing the tongue tango between her legs. However, the most awkward sex scene is when Nina begins to pleasure herself one morning, only to find mommy dearest sleeping in the chair next to her bed.  

The "Day After" Scene in "Gia"

One of the hottest sex scenes in movie history took place when Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell enjoyed a post photo shoot romp. Jolie played famed supermodel Gia, while Mitchell assumed the role as Linda, her make-up artist. There was nothing awkward about the way Linda seemed of kiss every inch of Gia's perfect  nude body. However, the awkwardness came the next day when the make-up artist tried to do the walk of shame, only to be confronted by a totally nude Gia. Giddy-Up!

Hotel scene in "Easy"

"Easy" is a little known but under appreciated 2003 Independent Film starring Marguerite Moreau, the Iraqi dude from "Lost," and the chick from "Bones." Moreau plays the role of Jamie Harris, a semi-slutty young adult who has a hard time finding Mr Right. Finally she meets late night television host, Mick McCabe. After deciding to take things slow, they finally decide their first time would be at "The Just Blue Inn" a small hotel in the country where everything in the building is blue, right down to the condoms. This movie makes the list of most awkward sex scenes because Harris is afraid that McCabe will end up being another failed relationship, while McCabe is.....well awkward.