Amazon women in films are amazing in more than one way. First of all, for the most part, they are tall. Depending on the actresses, they can be over six feet tall with long, muscular legs. On top of that, they can fight; it does not matter if the opponent is man, woman, or beast, they kick some serious ass! Finally, Amazon women are sexy as hell. Most of the time they flaunt their goods in very skimpy warrior outfits which leave nothing to the imagination. Below are some of the six most amazing Amazon women in film.


J.J Rodgers,  "Amazon Warrior"

The hot-as-hell J.J Rogers plays the role of a mercenary who takes a job escorting two daughters of a powerful warlord across a large, dangerous river. While donning a sexy black top, she kills bandits and other bad dudes by the dozens. The beauty of the movie is that she looks good doing it. Oh yeah, as an added bonus, the two daughters are extremely hot as well!


Anita Ekberg, "Gold of the Amazon Women"

Two lucky explorers stumble upon an unknown village of extremely hot Amazon women. Led by Queen Na-Eela, (played by the lovely Anita Ekberg) the women of the village have a strong belief in wearing revealing clothing. Now that is a village worth stumbling upon!  However, the movie really picks up when the sexy group of horny females travel to Manhattan


Brittany Bass, "Jungle Girl"


Another sexy Amazon movie, Jungle Girl tells the story of a female soldier who teams up with group of mercenaries and travels to the jungle where her father was killed. She is shocked when she finds out the jungle is full of beautiful women warriors who do not like to wear a lot of clothing, including the lovely Brittany Bass. Who says mercenaries get crappy assignments?


Laurene Landon, "Hundra"


Laurene Landon plays Hundra, a very sexy Amazon leader whose tribe got slaughtered while she was out hunting. Unfortunately for the bad guys, she goes on a major killing spree. However, one lucky doctor gets to be the person who helps her recreate her tribe. in other words, he gets to bang her for a very long time. Some guys have all the luck!


Laurene Landon,  "America 3000"

Another Amazon warrior movie starring the sexy Goddess, "America 3000" is a must see for those who like to watch beautiful women wearing next to nothing. Sexy Amazon women take over the world 900 years after a nuclear war devastates mankind.  Landon plays Tara, one of the hot, half-naked sisters who vies for clan leader. She should have gotten the job based on sexiness alone!


Take your pick! "Amazon Women From Outer Space"


Saving the best for last, this Amazon movie features female bodybuilders Lauren Powers, Brenda Kelly, Valentina Chepiga, Gale Mohrer, Lena Johanssen, Cynthia Bridges, and Tina Majorova. This gem is about a race of super-hot Amazon aliens who choose some lucky schmuck to impregnate thousands of beautiful women. While it sounds like fun, the child support would be astronomical.