There's something about archery that has fascinated the movie-going public since the beginning of cinema. Maybe it's the cunning combination of dexterity, skill, and strength, or maybe it's the fact that almost every archer is portrayed as a good-looking and daring rogue who makes women swoon. Whatever the case, movies have given us more than a few awesomely accurate archers over the years, and these six characters are no exception!


Robin Hood, "The Adventures of Robin Hood"

One of the first films ever shot in Technicolor was the 1938 Errol Flynn picture "The Adventures of Robin Hood." Flynn, the sex symbol that he was, gamely sported the tights and the feathered cap, but it was skillful archery that stole the show. Playing the most famous archer of all time is no small matter, but with a little Hollywood magic, Flynn brought it to life in a way that hadn't been done before, and really hasn't been done since. Russell Crowe, eat your heart out.


 Legolas, "The Lord of The Rings"

Oh, Orlando Bloom. The teen girl's fantasy come to life stepped into the iconic role of Legolas in "The Lord of The Rings," and to the surprise of many he pulled it off well. It helped that he had the natural look of an elf, but more than that, it helped that he was all kinds of awesome as the super accurate archer in the fellowship. His friendly competition with Gimli only highlighted the fact that Legolas was capable of killing orcs like no one else with his sweet archery prowess.


Chewbacca, "Star Wars"

Sure, wookies are huge. They have massive strength and size on their side, but Chewie's got something else on his side, too. He's got his wookie bowcaster, which looks suspiciously like a crossbow. Surprisingly, Chewbacca doesn't bust this weapon out all that much, but that doesn't diminish his skill with it. In fact, you'd have to think that back on Kashyyyk, bows would come in more handy than all that muscle. Those tree-tops are awfully high.


Filthy Luca, "Robin Hood: Men In Tights"

Mel Brooks may have lost a little of the zip on his fastball over the years, but he managed to pull out a pretty enjoyable spoof on the Robin Hood story. Hot on the heels of Kevin Costner's non-British portrayal of a British guy, Brooks had the luxury of having the Robin Hood story fresh in everyone's mind. He had a lot of fun, especially when he wedged in a little "Godfather" parody and introduced Robin's challenger for the iconic archery tournament, Filthy Luka. Luka may not have been all that bright, but he was a demon with a bow, even splitting Robin's arrow in twain!


Neyriti, "Avatar "

Apart from its striking imagery and a story ripped of from "Ferngully,"  "Avatar" had some pretty interesting characters on display. One fan favorite has been the female lead, Neyriti (Zoe Saldana) Her lithe, animalistic movements and unbelievable skill with a bow had audiences oohing and aahing, and it had many men in the audience wondering  what an inter-speices rendezvous with her might be like. Lucky Sam Worthington!


Robin Hood, "Disney's Robin Hood"

You had to know that the Robin Hood character would make the list twice. After all, he's popped up in quite a few movies over the years. This Disney movie may not get the acclaim that other movies in the Disney vault get, but that doesn't diminish its excellent portrayal of Robin Hood and its folk-song soundtrack. Robin is, like Errol Flynn before him, dashing and debonair, in addition to being a skilled archer. Even some cheating at the behest of Prince John can't derail Robin's victory, and his ultimate reunion with his beloved.