Remember the story of the ugly duckling? The little, scruffy bird who was picked on and unloved, but turned out to be a beautiful swan? TV usually isn't like that. Pretty faces are the norm, be it pretty kids or pretty adults. But sometimes, kids are picked for personality, and they grow up to be insanely attractive adults. And sometimes pretty adults are made up to play ugly characters when in fact they're actually quite good-looking. Today we'll look at a few of each. We've got six for ya, so saddle up and enjoy!


1. Betty Suarez (America Ferrarra)

See,  there's "TV ugly" and then "ugly ugly." America Ferrarra as Ugly Betty is what is known as "TV ugly." A little make-up, some costume and prop choices, and some acting, and voila! ugly character. But apart from that role, America is damned attractive, in a curvacious way. You didn't think TV execs were going to hinge their hopes on someone who was actually ugly, did you?


2. Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)

"Big Bang Theory" is still wildly popular, so it's no secret now that the one-time "Blossom" star plays "Amy Farrah Fowler." But what's that you say? What happened to the cute, quirky chick who played Blossom? She's still there, buried under a bad haircut and some goofy eating chops. Really, she's attractive in her own way. Not like Penny, but no one ever called Penny an ugly duckling.


3. Peter Brady (Chris Knight)

So many teen/child stars, especially of the 60's and 70's seemed to have fallen hard. That's part of what makes Chris Knight such a swan today–he didn't end up dead or in prison. Peter Brady wasn't even ugly, not by most standards, but it's the fact that he grew up to be a totally buff, handsome dude who bangs models that really seals the deal for his "duckling/swan" transformation.


4. Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye)

Everyone loves a spunky tomboy. Unfortunately, tomboys don't always turn out to be gorgeous women. What's cute in a little precocious kid is not necessarily cute in an adult. But Punky did just fine, going from the side-ponytail to the long, raven-haired coiffe of Soleil Moon Frye, hottie extraordinaire.


5. Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)

Another tomboy, although it seems rather a safe bet that she'll turn out okay. Arya's on this list more for the fact that according to the source material "A Song of Ice and Fire," Arya has "scraggly hair" and a "horsey face." Ouch. On the show, Arya gets into some rough, wild situations un-befitting a swan, but given enough time this duckling will outlive her tormentors.


6. Fez (Wilmer Valderrama)

On "That 70's Show," Fez was always portrayed as a bit of a putz, all awkward and such. Just look at the first season. Look at his hair and his shirts! But in real life, Wilmer is a spicy Latino-American who dates Hollywood starlets. Fez is yet another example of TVs ability to make a person appear a certain way when in real life the actor is totally different.