Attractive women are not normally associated with Science Fiction. It is normally only watched by nerds, dorks and outcasts of all ages, with "Doctor Who" being the main piece of broadcasting that has become synonymous with this genre. Yet throughout the shows illustrious history there has been a plethora of beautiful specimens which have populated its narratives. Here is a list of the six hottest "Doctor Who" girls to have ever been on the show and who every fan has longed to spend just five minutes alone with in the TARDIS.

Sarah Jane Smith.

The original "Dr. Who" pin up girl, Sarah Jane epitomized 70s fashion and feminism. SJ was a journalist whose investigative mind helped her and the Doctor get out of many perilous scrapes. Her long auburn hair and astounding good lucks were enough for her to collect a whole host of fans and made her almost as popular as the Time Lord himself.

Rose Tyler.

Russell T Davies' reboot of the forgotten BBC classic was always going to need a big star name to help launch it back onto our screens. So cast alongside Christopher Eccleston was the pop star Billie Piper with many fans of the show chastising her appointment, but her buxom beauty was the perfect compliment to the ninth doctor's rough exterior.

Amy Pond.

The eleventh doctor has been lauded as one of the best to ever reach our screens but it is his ginger compatriot who has sent most pulses racing with her mini skirts and fiery disposition. It also helps that she is a massive piece of ass too. But then again, that always helps, doesn't it? Yeah, it does.

River Song.

Spoiler Alert!! River Song is Amy Pond's daughter. And having been conceived on the TARDIS River is suddenly capable of monumental achievements each of which turns her into one of the universe's most wanted villains. Yet unfortunately don't lead her to commit incest with her equally hot mom. Not that we are condoning that kind of thing.

Jackie Tyler.

It's Rose, only more mature. Plus, through the miracle of smart casting, she's managed to maintain her figure, even through the course of time. She brought some extra sass to the party, something that can sometimes be missing in the world of British TV. We're prepared to say that it worked really well.

Zoe Heriot.

The second doctors regular companion, Zoe was an astrophysicist who lived on a space wheel in the 21st century but it was her cutesy nature rather than her interesting back story which made her popular. Her tendency to wear skin-tight catsuit onesies hasn't hurt her appeal, either. Especially given her rather athletic figure.