Some of the greasiest, grimiest movie truckers to ever grace the screen are not always characters that are seen throughout films. Several times, these truckers have small, meaningless roles and are only there for us to gawk at. Below are six of the greasiest, grimiest movie truckers of all-time.


"Dumb and Dumber"

Seabass from "Dumb & Dumber" is one of the grimiest truckers to ever grace the screen. Not only does he enjoy spitting snot in other people's food, but he's also into meeting fellow men in bathroom stalls during early morning hours for rough sex. They don't get much grosser than that.


 "Thelma & Louis"

The truck driver from "Thelma & Louis" is another greasy, grimy trucker. Not only does this loser enjoy making suggestive remarks to women out of his league, he also believes he can sleep with these women, which ultimately results in his truck getting blown up.


"Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"

While trying to get to Hollywood, Jay and Silent Bob run into a fellow hitchhiker played by the late George Carlin. After trying to convince the two stoners that the only way to get where they are going is to offer oral sex in exchange for a ride, Carlin is picked up by a greasy trucker who agrees to give him a ride in exchange for sexual gratification.



One of the grimiest trucker to ever grace the screen is none other than Red Barr in the 1997 thriller, "Breakdown." Red Barr is a trucker who runs a kidnap operation where he and his cronies rig the cars of out-of-town travelers. Not able to get their cars to start, the unsuspecting drivers accept rides from Red to a nearby diner, but instead end up as captives at an old, deserted barn.



One of Steven Spielberg's first films, "Duel" is about a crazed, truck driver who is constantly stalking a middle-aged motorist (played by Dennis Weaver). The movie ends when Weaver tricks the truck driver into going over the edge of a cliff during a game of chicken. That's what you get for messing with Dennis Weaver!


"Road Warrior"

The second of the "Mad Max" movies, "Road Warrior" has a scene where Mel Gibson drives a gas truck down a highway while being pursued by bandits. What makes the normally handsome Gibson greasy and grimy? It's that he's driving a truck in the middle of a scorching hot dessert while dressed in layers of protective clothing. Oh yeah, he's also Mel Gibson.