The 6 Creepiest Incestuous Couples From TV And Film

Wednesday, April 11 by Gregory Wakeman


Incest is a horrific act to commit, yet for some reason it seems to populate many of cinemas most celebrated and respected films. What does this mean? Are Hollywood trying to tell us something? Or is has it been proven by research and statistics that most cinema goers themselves are secretly allured by the process? Either way most film production companies have a lot of explaining to do. Here are the six creepiest incest couples from TV and film.

"Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back."


The most famous incestuous relationship in pop culture. Luke Skywalker decides to risk his life to save the life of a beautiful princess but as soon as Han Solo begins to cock block our favourite Jedi their relationship takes a drastic turn. Not before George Lucas makes the brother and sister make out for a good few seconds though. You have to bet their family reunions get pretty awkward. Luckily their Dad is dead, so they won't have to explain themselves!

"Back To The Future"


Marty McFly is one dreamy bastard. So dreamy in fact that even his teenage mother can fall in love with him. Disney executives were so concerned with the incestuous undertones that they decide not to finance the movie. Elaine's admission that kissing Marty was like kissing her brother sent the creep factor into overdrive. Jeez, who hasn't this girl made out with?

"The Lion King"

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	We know what you are thinking; there is no way that <span data-scayt_word=Simba can be incestuous. Well, Nala and Simba are based from the same pride, but a lion pride is made up of one male and a number of lionesses thus the best we can hope for is that Simba and Nala are only half brother and sister. Maybe animals should get a free pass when it comes to this sort of thing, but then again, talking animals should be held to a higher standard, right?

" euro_trip1.jpeg

Each of the above have some kind of get out clause. "The Lion King" only reveals its incestuous undertones after some hefty research, "BTTF" has the time traveling element and "Star Wars" is so amazing that you instantly forget about it. "Eurotrip" on the other hand is a horrible film where we watch a brother and sister get so drunk that they ultimately end up kissing for no reason. Shameful!

"The Dreamers"


This movie's inclusion on this list pretty much spoils it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but it's just too creepy to leave out. The participants may be statuesque and attractive, but that doesn't diminish the fact that relatives are doing the nasty. Paris seems to be a pretty hip city, but even the most progressive person out there has to raise an eyebrow or two at this sort of behavior.

"Cruel Intentions 2"


Sarah Michelle Geller and Ryan Phillipe star as siblings in the original "Cruel Intentions" and their steamy relationship is very close to being consumated. Well in the straight to video sequel they decide to finally cross that bridge and it stars real life twins too. It surprisingly makes for some uncomfortable viewing.

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