The 6 Creepeiest Abandoned Towns From Movies

Wednesday, August 15 by Lee Keeler

Ghost Town.jpg

With the economy in the dumper, tourism just isn't what it used to be; so it's important that you know where to spend your staycation dollars before you end up in these 6 creepiest abandoned towns from movies on your next Netflix outing.


London ("28 Days Later")


Sure, Danny Boyle oversaw the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Olympics, but his finest contribution to British athletics continues to be the "Blood-barfing-spastic-zombie-on-fire 500 Meter Dash." This film's harrowing vision of an empty London is just as creepy as many of its overpopulated counterparts like "Children of Men" or "V for Vendetta."


Ghost Village ("Spirited Away")

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	Okay, okay, it's not a real place. And every single frame of <span data-scayt_word=Hiyao Miyazaki's sugary goodness hardly evokes fear. But only a masterful director could elicit the creepiness of an empty amusement park in the middle of broad daylight. Plus, parents that turn into pigs in front of their kid at an amusement park…of course Disney had to get involved!


Gatlin, Nebraska ("Children of the Corn")

children of the corn.jpg

Midwest towns: this is what happens when you make the legal age to de-tassel corn much younger than when you’re allowed to get your driver's license. Demons. Demons in their tweens. Demons in their tweens lead by a creepy Quaker kid with Karen O. bangs.


Moria, Middle Earth (“The Fellowship of the Ring”)


If you’re a dwarf architect, it might seem like a neat idea to build a city underneath a mountain range. Here’s the thing: you might want to run it through The Zoning Commission of Morgoth Soldiers and Orc Underlings before you move an entire workforce of your drunk, annoying friends upstairs from the Balrog. The guy’s been known to take a fiery broom handle to the ceiling on occasion. 


Nuclear Testing Ground 51 (“Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)


This town is particularly creepy, not just for its surface implications of lifeless families that are waiting to be destroyed, but for the meta reason that audiences are about to have their preconceptions of the Indiana Jones mystique completely nuked. Few survived their expectations for this film unscarred.


Philadelphia 2035 (“Twelve Monkeys”)

Philly 12 Monkeys.jpg

Bruce Willis’ James Cole is sent to the surface of post-apocalyptic Philadelphia to search for samples of life after the Great Madeleine Stowe Contamination of Miramax Films in the 1990’s. This is a strange future timeline where space suits are made out of that creepy plastic that goes over old lady couches and Terry Gilliam actually makes a movie that is both critically and financially acclaimed.

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