You and your girlfriend both have the night off - it's date night in America. But who wants to go out and do something when you can stay home and watch a movie on the Netflix Box? Here are six of the best date night movies that are currently available to view on Netflix Instant Watch. Next stop: Cuddleton, a suburb of Cuddletown, population: You.

"Punch-Drunk Love"

This movie's got a little something for everybody - even cross-snobbery-level relationships. Let's say he's a guy who checks the Criterion Collection's website daily while the best movie she's ever seen is "Little Nicky." Well, here's a romantic comedy/drama from acclaimed auteur Paul Thomas Anderson that stars non-acclaimed movie dumb guy Adam Sandler. And there's phone sex involved!

"Dirty Dancing"

Then again, sometimes you have to go with an old standby. You've got Patrick Swayze (RIP), you've got Jennifer Grey, you've got some presumably dirty dancing. A lot of girls love this movie, and if you're in a serious relationship with one who does, you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and sit through this at least once. Trust us, it's not so bad, and besides, dancing has led to some serious romance in the past. Stay the course, partner!

"Thieves Like Us"

Is there anything more romantic than a pair of criminals, in love with each other and on the lam? After watching Robert Altman's sort-of-remake of "They Live By Night," you'll probably think that yes, there are lots of things more romantic than that. Altman isn't much for romance. This is still a great movie though - and in place of a traditional score there's old-time radio shows like "Speed Gibson"!

"Midnight Cowboy"


A classic from a more innocent age, about a young buck from Texas who moves to The Big Apple to make good on his dreams. While there, he comes across an old pro of his chosen profession, who shows him the ropes and before you know it the two are the best of friends. Did we mention that it's about male prostitution? It's about male prostitution.

"Doctor Zhivago"

David Lean's classic romance takes the classic Russian novel of the same name and spins it into one of the great screen epics. Full of snow, romance, drama, violence, and Omar Sharif, it's one of the best films to come out of Hollywood in the 1960s. And, since it's so damn long, you might be able to squeeze two or three dates out of it!


Another grand Hollywood epic, this one following a Texas oil family through the ups and downs (mostly downs) of multiple generations. For the guys, there's rugged melodrama featuring Rock Hudson and Dennis Hopper. For the girls, there's the always-wonderful Elizabeth Taylor. For everyone, there's James Dean, both in cynical-young-man mode and rich-old-bastard mode. Who could resist??