The 6 Best-Looking Stoners In Film, For Those Observing 4/20

Friday, April 20 by
Dope is for dopes.  

Let me begin by wishing all those who observe a solemn, dignified 4/20. This is the highest of high holy days for stoners, so may your observance be filled with Bob Marley, DVR’d episodes of Tosh.0, and perhaps a backyard wrestling tape or two.

Hollywood has given us no shortage of stoners over the past 40 years or so, with the most iconic ones having been inventoried and recited ad nauseum. But what of the most attractive stoners? What of them? The Venn diagram of attractive stoners is a strange beast, as it seems that many men can fall into the overlapping segments, but only a handful of women.

Stupid sexist Hollywood. When will the entertainment industry give attractive women the recognition and notoriety they deserve?. This has gone on for far too long.

Milla Jovavich – Dazed and Confused

She didn’t speak much, but she didn’t really have to. Her character, Michelle Burroughs (had to look that one up), added to the film by just being there, and of course, by mindlessly staring at her lighter flame while stoned at the moon tower beer bust. She didn’t speak, she was hot, she got stoned, and she played guitar. This would be a stoner’s dream girl right here.

Milla also introduces us to a pretty familiar trope: the stoner girl that doesn’t speak. We see it in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels as well. I guess if you’re going to be around a stoner, many would prefer to be around one that doesn’t talk, so that makes some sense.

Bridget Fonda – Jackie Brown

Here’s another hot girl from the movies who loves to smoke pot! But don’t get used to it, because from here on out, it’s mostly dudes. Good-looking dudes, but dudes nonetheless.

Bridget Fonda’s turn in Jackie Brown was pretty much as just a housegirl that keeps Robert De Niro company and also has sex with him. However, she’s got some wisdom in that hot body of hers, as she holds court on why coughing while smoking gets you even higher. Something to do with some part of your lungs opening up for air and taking in even more weed smoke.

And this whole time I just thought that it was because coughing meant you just took a huge hit of weed. Silly me.

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