Selecting the best costumes from "The Office" Halloween episodes is no mean feat. Dozens of costumes ranging from the subtle (three-hole punch Jim) to the absurd (Kevin's Dunder-Mifflin Man) have to be taken into consideration, and many of them get little screen time. Season Six's Halloween episode shoved a pile of great costumes into a two-plus minute cold open. Most people barely registered Pam's costume (Rosemary from "Rosemary's Baby") because she wasn't featured in the scene except for a couple of short background appearances. After hours and hours of viewing, here's what we came up with.

"Dave," Jim Halpert


Jim Halpert doesn't spend time on his costumes, which seems strange when you think about the ridiculous amount of time he spends on things like gift-wrapping Dwight's entire workspace. His costumes tend towards casual humor. His Dave costume consisted of a mere nametag with "Dave" written on it, which framed beside the incredible "Cats" costume that Andy was sporting secured it a position as one of the best costumes from "The Office."

Sarah Palin, Oscar Martinez

Remember that cold open we mentioned, with the blink-and-you'll-miss-it parade of costumes? The best of the bunch was Oscar, because who wouldn't want to see Sarah Palin disemboweling Princess Fiona with an ax? Additionally, the simple costume worked to the point that it not only was obvious it was supposed to be Mrs. Palin, but it was difficult to tell that it was a Hispanic man with a decent build.

Popeye, Olive Oyl, Sweet Pea, The Halperts

It could be argued that they were three characters with three separate costumes, but that isn't the case. At the beginning of this Halloween episode of "The Office," Pam went all out on the costumes for her and her daughter, while Jim acted like typical Jim and shoved a corncob pipe in his mouth to call himself Popeye. By the end of the episode, however, he realized that putting energy into his Halloween costume wasn't wasted, because it meant he was putting energy into his family. It was only when he added the puffy arms and signature clothes that the whole thing came together, creating another touching moment on a series known for touching moments.

Heath Ledger's Joker, Creed Bratton

Three people in the same office dressing in the same costume on the same day is a joke based on absurdity that we get-it's been done before and it will be done again. Making one of those people Kevin is funny. Making one of them Creed causes nightmares. It is one of the best costumes from "The Office" Halloween episodes because it was genuinely creepy, and after seeing Creed steal blood from the blood drive, we're not sure where he's going to go next. Let's hope he doesn't get ahold of Oscar's ax.

Charlie Chaplin/Hitler, Pam Halpert (Beesly)

Watching Pam walk around an office full of people dressed in suits and slacks while outfitted perfectly as Charlie Chaplin was a highlight of an annoying but necessary storyline involving Pam moving to New York. It is one of the best costumes from "The Office" because she sells it so well, and because it is a two-in-one costume. When she takes off her hat, she turns into Hitler. The lesson: greasepaint on your upper lip is bad.

Hobo/Sad Clown, Toby Flenderson

The NBC website lists the costume as "Hobo," but we would like to think that Paul Liberstein was shooting for Emmett Kelly when he put together the best costume from The Office. Emmett Kelly created the clown "Weary Willy" for circus performances and based that clown on hobos of the era. His legacy has nurtured a vein of comedy that thrives to this day, and which "The Office" uses at the core of its humor. Paul Liberstein, as writer and executive producer, surely knows that and Emmett Kelly is the perfect superhero for the sad-sack punchline that is his secret identity of Toby Flenderson.