The 6 Best After The Credits Scenes In Movies

Tuesday, August 28 by Joseph Gibson

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In recent years, the post-credits scene has become something of an art form. Thanks to the massively popular Marvel Studios films like "Iron Man" and "Thor", audiences have been trained to wait after the credits of their big superhero blockbusters just in case the filmmakers put a little Easter egg there, but not all movies with post-credits scenes are superhero movies-just most of them. Here are six of the best.

"Iron Man"

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	The movie that kicked off the current trend is undoubtedly "Iron Man", which was shipped to theaters with a scene after the credits that not only excited superhero fans to an embarrassing degree, but kicked off what went on to become one of the most financially successful movie franchises of all time. In it, superhero/billionaire playboy <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Tony Stark</a> comes home to find an <span data-scayt_word=eyepatch-wearing Samuel L. Jackson, who asks him for his cooperation in a government project known as "The Avengers Initiative." The rest, as they say, is very recent history.


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	Not all movies with credits treats are superhero blockbusters. There's also the incredibly horrifying "Bug" by director William <span data-scayt_word=Friedkin. The post-credits scene isn't much on its own: just a shot of a dead body in a dirty room. But in context it's one of the creepiest, most jarring, and surprising post-credits scenes ever. Just thank God Samuel L Jackson didn't show up to ask Michael Shannon to join The Avengers.


Here's another example of an after-credits scene that's not worth much out of context. After sitting through this harrowing and claustrophobic thriller about a man buried in a box, the simple shot showing the inside of that box after the credits is enough to chill your blood. Of course, it probably doesn't mean anything, but still. Creepy.

"Angel Heart"

angel heart rourke.jpg

To put a spoiler here for this twisty and shocking supernatural thriller would be a crime-but suffice it to say that the post-credits scene of an elevator going down, down, down is very atmospheric and disturbing. Where's it going? Well, what's the lowest place you know of? Yeah, that's where it's going. Going down.


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	Iron Man wasn't the first superhero to have his adventures continue in the form of a post-credits scene. In "Daredevil", the presumed-incapacitated <span data-scayt_word=Bullseye makes his triumphant return to the game of never missing in a post-credits sequence that's both hilarious and a glimpse at what was to come. Of course, "Daredevil" was a huge flop that very few people (if anyone) liked, so we just have to imagine the possibilities instead.

" <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>macgruber</a>.jpg” src=”” /></p>
	Goofy comedies often include a post-credits scene for an extra bit of comic business for the true fans. Few of them match the soulful majesty of the one in "<span data-scayt_word=MacGruber", featuring the titular hero sitting in a tree and wailing away on his trademark saxophone. There are a lot of reasons to be sad about the probable lack of a sequel to "MacGruber", but this would have to be top of the list.

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