When a meteorite pancakes Earth or some CDC scientist takes a smoke break without closing the door behind him, there will no longer be internet trailers or guys in basements helpfully guiding you to the right movie for your taste. Luckily you’ll still be able to see past your seeping boils, or use your new fifth eye to see the six best action movie posters of the last decade.


“Black Dynamite”

With a sharply contrasting image of Black Dynamite aiming a gun off center, the poster for this action movie is one of the best. A hollow font title allows for separation from the powerful top image of Dynamite and the multiple scene illustrations that build the foundation for the entire image to grab attention. A great example of using a minimal color palette, “Black Dynamite” knows how to play to the past history of blaxploitation films with the present day audience.



A full-length profile shot of Hellboy lets the viewer determine what’s important to their eyes as his bright red color is subdued under his dark trench coat. Whether you’re drawn to the gun, his rosary or his tail, the image composition is strong, stark and conveys a serious visual impact. The background for the “Hellboy” poster is the icon of a fist clenching a sword, which is daring as it’s the symbol for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, something only fans of the comic would know thereby creating an inside visual element that curious non-fans could do their research on.


“The Raid: Redemption”

Textbook in design but flawless in execution, the poster for the action flick “The Raid: Redemption” draws your eyes up a visual ladder. With a bold title at the bottom, you read then climb until you find a man with his back to you, which draws your eyes to what he’s seeing. The building towers above the man as you go up it floor by floor until it ends at the top of the poster, ensuring the entire poster is digested. Another picture perfect poster that uses a limited color palette that sucks you in, leaving you interested without over-explanation.


“Shoot ‘Em Up”

With the hero front and center with both guns drawn, “Shoot ‘Em Up” sets the pace for action right away. Next up is the damsel in semi-distress with the villainous assassin lurking behind the hero. A washed out city street background pushes the full color trinity of characters forward to confront your gaze. No plot is hinted at and that’s the way this action heavy movie poster wants it.


“The Expendables”

A group shot of late and great action heroes greets you in the middle on “The Expendables” movie poster. The next thing you’ll notice is the long cast list that scrolls vertically down until it touches the cast. With names this big in the history of explosions and bullets, there’s no need to clutter up a background with anything but gray scale so you’ll gather what you need to know from the actors involved. The entire cast list is the same size as the title of the movie, letting you know that this action movie poster isn’t messing around with their star power or something called a plot.


“Hobo with a Shotgun”

“Hobo with a Shotgun” uses a distressed look to the image with creases and wearspots over a heavily brown centered poster. Various scenes saturate the background as the main character fires his shotgun from the center of the page. The off-center tagline just confirms how serious the designers are about the action that will kick off in this flick.