Whether you see a smiling face looking down on the world or a celestial body just waiting to slam into us, the moon does not lack for interest. This giant rock gets its due reward of appreciation, celebration and rampant terror in these five strangest moon movies.

Apollo 18”.

Turning a never-was moon mission into a secretive colossal failure moon mission, “Apollo 18” adds a little more screaming in outer space to the science fiction genre. Three astronauts are sent into space on the Apollo, its mission changing from exploration to working for the defense department. Two of the astronauts are tasked to land while the other orbits the moon as over watch. Finding dead cosmonauts, missing flags and strange rocks, the duo end up getting slapped around by moon rock spider aliens, which are four steps up from regular spiders and just below that thing from the movie “It”. Aliens aside, the fear as the lunar module heads towards a fatal crash with the orbiting module is as terrifying as any scene in a moon movie ever.


Until they start making Stephen Fry voice all artificial intelligence programs, it will continue being hard going for those in solitary on the moon. “Moon” is about Sam Bell, a man in charge of the robotic operations of a Helium-3 mining base, who, due to the repercussions of an accident, begins to suspect that something is fishy about his life on the moon.  The sadness evoked when Sam has to end his call to his home on Earth as he realizes that he’s not the original Sam Bell is heartbreaking.

Iron Sky”.

It’s kind of expected in a movie revolving around the moon that either astronauts and/or aliens show up, but the boys and girls behind “Iron Sky” decided to throw their own kind of heat by introducing Space Nazis from the Moon. "Space Nazis" sound better than "Moon Nazis", as that just sounds like a horrendous marketing idea for junk food in the 1940s. The president’s campaign for reelection gets that oh-so-Nazi makeover in a scene that is equally tongue-in-cheek and political truth disguised as humor.

A Grand Day Out”.

Confronted with a dire lack of cheese, Wallace and Gromit spend their holiday on a quest to satisfy their dark craving by following up on the idea that the moon is made of cheese. After a little elbow grease and carpentry, the boys land their spaceship on the moon, have a little taste test and are slowly stalked by a fine writing janitorial robot that lives on the surface. One of the weirdest moon movies, “A Grand Day Out” is whimsy at its finest. Plus, it has a scene where the robot tries to cudgel Wallace into a coma, which makes for good cinema.

Destination Moon”.

Back when the moon was the hip place to explore rather than the current hipster place to craft conspiracies about, “Destination Moon” reveled in the idea that space exploration could be pulled off by those who had a true passion for it. Four men go up against the world in their quest to build a rocket and explore the moon, all while the citizenry freaks out about radiation sickness. It’s slow fun that showcases the human desire to explore and be individuals; their space walk to fix the antenna clearly shows their sweet personal color choices in space suits.