Strip scenes in movies are almost always memorable. During the 1990s, there were a number of movies that produced the kind of strip scenes that linger in your mind for many days after viewing them. It’s not just about a beautiful face and a sensational body. It’s about the attitude of the individual who is taking her clothes off and the look in her eyes.


"Wild Things" (1998)


There are a number of scenes in this sexy thriller that you can point to, but when rich girl Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards) sets her eye on handsome teacher Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon), all bets are off. Kelly schemes to get some alone-time with Sam, and she manages to wash his car at his home one Sunday morning as part of a school fund raiser. When she finishes washing the car, the dripping wet Kelly walks into Sam’s house to let him know that she has finished and she needs a ride. The fun in the movie is only just beginning.

"Very Bad Things" (1998)




Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau) is about to marry beautiful but controlling Laura (Cameron Diaz). Before the big day, Fisher’s friends throw him a bachelor party. One of the scenes involves a sexy stripper (porn actress Kobe Tai), who succeeds quite well at turning the group of horn dogs in Fisher’s circle of friends on. However, something goes wrong and the stripper ends up getting killed in the bathroom. The rest of the movie is about the cover-up of the murder and the impact of the murder and the cover-up.

"Leaving Las Vegas" (1995)


Sera (Elizabeth Shue) is a Las Vegas prostitute who is very serious about her job. She meets writer Ben Sanderson (Nicolas Cage), who seems intent on drinking himself to death. As she gets involved with Ben and her other clients, we see Sera reveal her tempting and scrumptious body. She does it with a flair and an amazing confidence.


 "Indecent Proposal" (1993)



Demi Moore has proven to be one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. Her most notable role was probably as Molly Jensen in the 1990 classic “Ghost,” in which she was incredibly sexy. However, when she played Diana Murphy in this movies, she becomes the object of multimillionaire John Gage’s affection. When she tries on a sexy dress that Gage bought her, it’s one of the steamiest scenes that Moore has ever filmed.


"Any Given Sunday" (1999)



This movie is about the inner workings of a professional football team and the nefarious skullduggery that goes on behind the scenes that is rarely reported in the media. Players, of course, have hot girlfriends, and one of those sensational women is Mandy Monroe (Elizabeth Berkley). She may not be much of an actress, when Berkley’s character removes her clothes, it’s an incredible performance.