Zombie movies are the rage now, although it's to be expected they'll be replaced with ninjas, pirates or something else in the public's imagination very soon. True zombie fans will stay on board, though, thanks to these frightening movie zombies. If you encounter any of these movies over the course of your day, just remember all that stuff you read about them on the internet.

Jessica, "I Walked With a Zombie" This movie is from the '40s (a.k.a. the "pre-flesh-ripping" era of zombies), but that doesn't keep it and its titular walking dead from being creepy as hell. The main fear here, rather than being torn apart by a zombie, is becoming one yourself by way of Caribbean voodoo. Jessica, once a vibrant girl, staggers around just like you'd imagine a zombie would. They eventually euthanize her using the same voodoo magic that made her a zombie in the first place. Ah, there's nothing quite like a happy ending.

The Ghouls, "Night of the Living Dead" These undead killers ushered in the "flesh-ripping" era we mentioned before and they do it in the most horrifying manner possible. No matter what their relationship to you might have been, they will not hesitate to (literally) chew your guts out and if you want to survive you'd better show a similar lack of hesitation in destroying its brain. Just a friendly tip from the zombie disposal experts.

Shark Fighting Zombie, "Zombie" One way to assess the threat level of a zombie is to take note of the kinds of flesh it targets. If a zombie is mostly going after small children and old people, you might consider it a relative pushover. This guy, on the other hand, sinks his teeth into a huge great white shark, so it would be advisable to stay away from him at all costs.

Dr. Carl Hill, "Re-Animator" There's nothing worse than a zombie in love because they tend to ignore things like "personal boundaries" and "good taste." So you shouldn't be surprised if you see this guy with a girl strapped to a metal slab in the morgue, holding his detached head in his hands and attempting to go down on the girl in question. We didn't make that up, it actually happens in the movie.

Lionel's Mom, "Dead Alive" Mothers can be difficult, but never as difficult as this mom who gets turned into a giant flesh-eating zombie that hero Lionel has to defeat in order to win the girl and save the world. Think of her as the "final boss" in a movie chock full of zombies who kills and gets killed in the most gory ways imaginable. Lawnmowers, blenders and a mother's domineering love for her son are just three of the implements utilized in the movie.