Halloween is a great time to watch scary movies since most movie channels feature horror marathons. Some of the scariest movies to watch, however, are cemetery movies. Movies that take place in a graveyard tend to be creepier than most. Below are five of the scariest cemetery movies to watch during Halloween...if you dare. 



"Poltergeist" is a popular 1982 horror film about a family that undergoes a series of bizarre events after their television set creates an apparition. After their youngest daughter gets sucked through a porthole, the family seeks out a group of parapsychologists and a medium. They also find out their house was built on a cemetery. After rescuing their daughter, the family wisely gets the heck out of dodge just as dead bodies start to erupt from the ground. 


"Drag Me to Hell"

"Drag me to Hell" is a 2009 horror film that starts out when young loan officer, Christine Brown, refuses to extend the mortgage of an aging gypsy. As a result, the gypsy attacks Brown in the parking garage, tearing off one of her buttons and placing a curse on it. Weird events start to happen to Brown. When she goes to the gypsy's house to confront her, Brown learns the gypsy has passed away. She then seeks a fortune teller and medium, where she finds out an evil spirit will soon drag her into hell. The only way to save herself is to dig up the gypsy's body and place the cursed button in the gypsy's grave. 



Phantasm is a '70s horror movie that features an undertaker (known as "The Tall Man") who turns the dead into dwarf zombie slaves. After a series of mysterious deaths, a 13 year-old boy is convinced the undertaker is responsible. He convinces his older brother and together they try to stop the tall man. The movie is not all that great, but it does have a few quality naked breast scenes. 


"The House by the Cemetery"

"The House by the Cemetery" is one of the most gory horror movies ever made. Filmed in 1981, this slasher flick is about a killer ghoul who lives in the basement of an old house. The ghoul has been living for over 150 years by using its victims body parts to regenerate its blood cells. Some of the ways he kills his victims is with pokers, knives, and by dragging a poor woman down a flight of stairs. 


"Pet Semetary"

One of Stephen King's creepiest films, "Pet Semetary" is a popular 1989 horror film. Set in Ludlow, Maine, "Pet Semetary" tells the story of the Creed family who moves into a new home near a busy highway. It's not long before the family cat gets run over by a truck. With the help of his neighbor, Dr. Creed takes the cat to a pet cemetary that's set in the woods only to have the feline return-and a lot meaner than before. When his son Gage gets hit and killed by another truck, Creed buries his son in the same cemetery; this time the results prove to be deadly.