The 5 Saddest Netflix Instant Watch Movies

Wednesday, December 28 by Frost

The Secret of NIMH”.

The Secret of NIMH.jpg

A sick child, a murdered father and talking animals either sets the foundation for a tear stained movie or a B movie slasher flick. Mrs. Brisby puts her self in peril, time and again, in order to save her family from the oncoming planting season in “The Secret of NIMH”. From beginning to end, you will find yourself cheering on this brave little mama mouse without any significant harm to your testosterone levels. Teaming up with her husband’s old colleagues, the rats from NIMH, Brisby becomes a force to reckon with as she goes all out to get her home and family moved out of danger. Blackened hearts might make it out unscathed when Nicodemus catches a concrete block as a reward for helping the Brisby clan but the rest of humanity will cry into their “Toy Story” pillowcases.

Tron: Legacy”.

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>tron legacy</a> light bike.jpg” /></p>
<p>Having learned from the <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Star Wars</a> prequels on the destruction of nostalgia, “<a href=Tron: Legacy” stomps on whatever dignity Frisbee throwing fans of Tron had left. The dialogue is insulting to the mental faculties as Jeff Bridges is constantly throwing around 80s slang to remind you of how long he’s been gone from Earth. The story is filled with multiple problems that have simple solutions that no one bothers to address such as the evil corporate board that can be brushed off the moment Sam Flynn signs a few documents and takes over. The old hero Tron went over to the dark side yet returns to hero status during the escape with no reasoning behind his change other than to let the movie reach a conclusion, which was merciful in that regard. “Tron: Legacy” plays out as a money grab film with the barest semblance of a story. This film is easily one of the saddest Netflix movies you can watch.

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