The 5 Saddest Netflix Instant Watch Movies

Wednesday, December 28 by Frost

Chasing Amy”.

Chasing Amy joey lauren adams.jpg

Getting to watch an old, comfortable friendship slowly lose engine power as Ben Affleck’s character, Holden McNeil, starts ripping out the wiring until the plane smashes into the side of a mountain can get the old soul a bit teary. Take one long best friend relationship that also carries the weight of working together then throw in the mythical lesbian who might switch teams and you end up with “Chasing Amy”, one of the saddest Netflix instant watch movies that you can’t look away from.  At the diner, Silent Bob lays out his own torpedoed romance story as a sacrificial lamb that seeks to steer Holden onto a path where he could save both his friendship and his girlfriend in a scene that is poignant without preaching.

The Iron Giant”.

The Iron Giant.jpg

A story as old as time: Boy meets robot, boy loves robot, boy loses robot.  Hogarth Hughes discovers a giant robot with tremendous destructive capabilities. Through Hogarth’s friendship, the robot comes to an understanding about its actions and consequences. “The Iron Giant” is a neat little Netflix instant watch animated tearjerker that doesn’t need badly written poetry to poke the sad places in your heart.  As the robot chooses self-sacrifice to save the town from a missile, he utters one word that condenses all of Hogarth’s life lessons making one powerful waterworks causing scene.

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