The 5 Most Memorable Movie Mindf*cks

Tuesday, February 14 by

Everybody with a brain likes a good mindf*ck once in a while, right? The damage done to your scalp from repeated head-scratching is nothing compared to the satisfaction and pleasure from a nice confusing narrative jolt. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the characters involved, who are often left shattered by the onscreen twists and turns. The characters in Retreat are no exception. So, in honor of the film’s DVD release on 2/21, open your mind up to five of the best cinematic mindf*cks of all time.

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Total Recall

Unlike the other movies on this list, Total Recall actually refers to its central twist as “a mindf*ck.” It goes like this: Arnold Schwarzenegger is an average, everyday family man living in the far-off future of 2084. One of the benefits of living in the future is that instead of going on an expensive vacation, you can get the memories of a vacation implanted in your skull – and these memories can even be exciting and dangerous adventures. That’s the option Arnie goes for, but it all goes awry when the dangerous adventure turns out to be real – or does it?

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