Running through time with a sonic screwdriver and a grin isn't all fun and games as these 5 most dastardly "Doctor Who" villains prove. Sure you're going to have some great times, but, like any party, there are always going to be those who want the party to come to an abrupt and bloody end. Be thankful the worst that can happen to your non-time travelling self is a shoe being thrown against your wall or a semi-naked elderly neighbor showing up with his cane of pain to teach you a lesson.

The Master

As another Time Lord, The Master is one of the greatest "Doctor Who" villains as he is the flip side of The Doctor with all the powers but none of the constraining morality. With a sardonic wit and the capability to use everyone he comes across to further his often nefarious plans, The Master roots around in the audience's psyche and shows what his counterpart would be able to do if he welcomed the shadowy recesses instead of fighting against them.

The Daleks

The most terrible of all "Doctor Who" villains to ever carry a plunger. Though some of you have experienced more pain from a plumber's bill, the Daleks' plungers have earned their body count and push the buttons of The Doctor from calm to enraged. Their ability to keep from vanishing from the mythos showcases their ingenuity, popularity and all out danger as they live to both conquer and end The Doctor's life. Plus, their key phrase of "Exterminate!" is just far too fun to not yell out at the most inappropriate times.

The Silence

Taking a fairly classic look for their outward appearance, the Silence lurks in the periphery until directly focused upon. The fear comes in the loss of memory when your focus changes and there you get an insidious "Doctor Who" villain. Imagine an enemy that you keep forgetting exists and you'll have a creature that freely walks among the population without any obstacles to whatever they wish to perpetrate. Forgetfulness becomes a psychological weapon that builds a truly great monster.

The Ogri

A rock that loves a bit of blood doesn't seem scary, but think of how many stones you've sat down on or played with and you'll realize you should've taken that geology class more seriously. Now take that to the next level and try to punch out a rock and you have a monster that is near invulnerable and wants to use you like a big Hi-C box but without the courtesy of a straw. You'll never look at Stonehenge the same way again once the Ogri get their shot at you.

The Weeping Angels

Taking the staring contest to the same level as Russian roulette, the Weeping Angels make their moves only when their victims blink. A greatly terrifying "Doctor Who" villain, the audience was only able to see the angels in their frozen repose between actions and that fed the creepiness factor. Knowing your death can only be staved off by some seriously dry sockets, you can feel the tension in the characters as they do their utmost to stay alive and escape all without breaking eye contact. Absolute proof that the things that go bump in the night can see you with your eyes closed.