Over the last several decades there have been some amazing war movies featuring all branches of the armed forces. While many of these films documented actual battles and wars, others were about  fictional battles. There were also movies featuring war heroes who were forced to fight different battles once they arrived home. One thing all these movies had in common were tough characters. This holds especially true regarding movies featuring marines. In fact, below are five of the most badass movie marines.


Animal Mother, "Full Metal Jacket"

Played by Adam Baldwin, Animal Mother was one of the most badass marines in the movie "Full Metal Jacket." An argument can be made on Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's behalf, but he was never shown in a combat situation. When Animal Mother wasn't banging Vietnamese prostitutes he was shooting his way through villages with his equally intimidating M60


Sergeant Tom Highway, "Heartbreak Ridge"

Tough guy Clint Eastwood plays the role of Sergeant Tom Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge." Highway was a mean son-of-a-gun as he beat down one of his marines who was several times his size. He was also able to whip a platoon of undisciplined solders into shape and prepare them for combat when they were chosen to participate in the invasion of Grenada. 


John Stryker, "Sands of Iwo Jima"

John Wayne plays sergeant John Stryker in "Sands of Iwo Jima," where he leads a group of marines into battle during the invasion of Tarawa. Much like Tom Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge," Stryker believes he has to be tough on his troops in order to get the most out of them. He later leads them into battle at Iwo Jima, where his troops suddenly understand why he trained them so hard. 


Ellen Ripley, "Alien" Movies

Being female does not make Sigourney Weaver's character Ellen Ripley any less badass in the "Alien" movies. Alternatively, it does not mean she has a bad ass either as she shows it, as well as the rest of her killer body, in a scene where she is wearing nothing but her underwear and a t-shirt. Back to her being a badass–she was the only survivor of a crew of galactic marines who were forced to take on an extraterrestrial life force that scared the crap out of moviegoers of all ages. 


John Triton, "The Marine"

Yeah, this 2006 clunker did not feature many war scenes or any fights with aliens. However, it did star professional wrestler John Cena. Not to be confused with The Rock, Cena played a semi-believable role as a badass marine as he took on a small ring of violent crooks, while rescuing his hot-ass girlfriend (played by Kelly Carlson). During the movie he survived explosions, fires, a truck crash, and gun battles. Oh yeah, Carlson does show some of her gorgeous body as well, so the movie wasn't a total dud.