One of the most important parts of being in espionage is the car. Whether you're an international secret agent, a vigilante crimefighter, or some awesome mixture of the two, an important spy car is as vital to secret undercover business as a pistol-silencer and cigarettes. Here are five of the most amazing spy cars in movies. Sorry, they're not real.

Aston Martin DB5, "Goldfinger" (and other Bond films)

Perhaps the original movie spy car, this automobile has been outfitted with many different life-saving gadgets over the years, many of which have saved James Bond's life in the line of duty. In addition to stuff like the quick-change license tag, the machine guns, and the ejector seat, it's also just a damn fine stylishly designed automobile - it would be cool even without the machine guns.

The Batmobile, "Batman" (and other Batman films)

OK, so the Batmobile might not technically be a spy car, since it's about as understated as Freddie Mercury. But Batman, the car's famous owner, has been known to do some espionage from time to time - he is a master of disguise, after all. And the Batmobile has got enough gadgets for a small army, let alone one billionaire with a bulletproof vest and a fake beard.

Time-traveling Cadillac, "Austin Powers in Goldmember"

So Austin Powers is generally a step below movie spies, but his car in the third "Austin Powers" movie is not only a working time machine, but a pretty sweet Cadillac. Sure, the decor is a little over the top, what with the disco balls and everything, but it's the 70s. What do you want, subtlety? Try another decade.

The Black Beauty, "The Green Hornet"

The Green Hornet is even more of a spy than Batman, since his modus-operandi consists of infiltrating the bad guys' operations and posing as one of them, only to strike them at the best possible moment. And Greenie's car ain't bad either - lots of the usual spy car accessories, along with trademark green headlights. Also there's a driver who's very often more of a badass than Green Hornet who comes with the car.

Invisible Aston Martin Vanquish, "Die Another Day"

Given this car's ability to turn invisible, perhaps a more apt name would have been the Aston Martin "Vanish" (thank you, thank you, we're here all week). It's also got the usual machine guns and other cool gadgets that Bond had by this point grown all-too-accustomed to. But come on, it can turn invisible! Also, he drives it upside-down at one point. Not really sure how that was supposed to work.