It’s not enough just to have a movie scene with great sex. Well, it is, but not for our purposes. There’s something quite dramatic when water is added to the equation and the sex scene takes place by a pool, ocean, lake or waterfall. The image of two bodies tied together as they enjoy each other in water is just plain sexy. Here are the five hottest water sex scenes in movie history.


"Wild Things" (1998)



There’s something incredibly hot about Neve Campbell as she gets in the pool with co-conspirator Denise Richards in this memorable thriller. Perhaps Campbell is turned on as never before because she’s with Richards. At that point in her life and career, Richards was an incredibly sexy and uninhibited performer. She also had the bitchy demeanor to let the world know that she knew exactly how hot she was. When Campbell and Richards went at it in the pool, the hotness quotient went off the charts.


"Alpha Dog" (2006)


Zach Mazursky (Anton Yelchin) has been kidnapped by a California gang because his brother has disrespected  that group. Zach is a nice kid and as much as the gang hates his brother, they like him. Nobody likes him more than Julie Beckley (Amanda Seyfried) and Alma (Amber Heard), and the three of them go at it in a swimming pool. While it will all end badly for Zach later on, he had his great moment in the pool with two sexy and hot females.


"Showgirls" (1995)


Okay, we’ll admit what everybody already knows. This was one of the worst movies of all time. But if you take the scene in which Elizabeth Berkley’s Nomi Malone character is in the pool sexing up Kyle McLachlan’s Zack Carey, it’s hard to complain. Berkley looks great and while she’s obviously faking her orgasm as she moans, it’s still an incredible turn on. Forget the rest of the movie – this scene works, especially if you like it when women do their best impersonations of a dolphin. Seriously, who has sex like that?


"Dr. No" (1962)


This James Bond thriller featured Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder. The sight of Honey emerging out of the ocean in a bikini was enough to turn on an entire generation for the majority of the 1960s. At the time, women rarely were seen in revealing outfits, and the sight of Andress in a bikini took your breath away. It also did plenty for Bond (Sean Connery) who was in total lust for the Andress character.


"From Here To Eternity" (1953)


They knew how to do it right in this old school movie that probably turned your grandparents on at a fever pitch. During this movie classic, Sgt. Milton Warden (Burt Lancaster) begins an affair with Karen Holmes (Deborah Kerr), who is the wife of Captain Dana Holmes (Philip Ober). Warden and Holmes have such a strong attraction for each other that they make love in the Pacific Ocean with the waves rolling in on top of them. Nearly six full decades later, the scene holds up in a big way.