When a man has witnessed a man cave with everything a man could ever want, chances are, he has seen one of these hidden treasures. "They go in, but they don't come out" best defines a caveman. The very man who would live inside of one room always. Or until the wife figures out he's missing. Masculine, tough, with a tinge of bro-xercise, a man cave can be anything a man wants it to be. A big screen, sofa, stereo system, ping pong table, air hockey table, pool table or poker table are for the easy going cavemen. Add a keg, drink station, refrigerator, coffee machine and indoor grill and wow, that's almost perfect. Lastly, top that with a sports ticker, daily newspapers and a second television for gaming and watch a caveman fall in love.  Where can you find cave-topia? In some of the greatest man caves of movies and TV.


1. "Tropic Thunder"

One of the best man caves from movies and TV involves Les Grossman, a "Tropic Thunder" character played by Tom Cruise. This film has a couple of man cave ideas tucked inside of scenes. But no one can forget the jam room, a place where a person can stand between stacks of speakers, listen to music, and dance any-way-they-want. A location with all the needs a man could want, even a Diet Coke. He's an executive producer with a rappin' rollin' man cave.


2. "How I Met Your Mother"

Barney Stinson, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris from CBS television series "How I Met Your Mother", is a sex magnet on the refrigerator of life. Women eat him up!  They love to love Stinson. Barney has something against women staying inside of his home. He does everything he can to shorten the date after sex. Even if it takes masks and swords on his wall or the other bachelor items laying around. To women, the room is odd and unattractive. To Barney, the room is the ultimate man cave. Right? Right? Take it from Barney, it wouldn't hurt to own a copy of "Bro Code" bro.


3. "Home Improvement"

"Tim the Tool Man Taylor" crafts a wicked man cave. This guy knows a man cave when he sees one, especially after he walks out of his kitchen. The 1990's shared some memorable television shows, nothing like "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen's character. Tools, parts, motors, drilling, sealing, and everything a guy needs to build the strongest hair dryer can be found in Tim Taylor's fortress of a man cave "Roh roh roh" (trademark sound).


4. "The Social Network"

This rich flick can inspire a male college student to create the perfect kid cave to run to because "you don't get to over 500 million friends without making a few enemies." This somewhat co-ed kid cave found in multiple scenes is a pure getaway. Computers, computers, computers, and more computers, games and party supplies, no adults, no problem, a no-rule cave created for college kids, by college kids. Facecave. Not the greatest man cave for adults, but for college kids? Awesome!


5. Dos Equis

The most interesting man cave in the world. Jonathan Goldsmith from Dos Equis commercials comes with quotes, such as "He once bought a knife to a gunfight, just to even the odds", "He once taught a German Shepard how to bark, in Russian", and "Sharks have a week dedicated to him", but that's not all! Take a look around next time the commercial comes on. He's got the most interesting man cave of absolute class in the world. Pay attention! Stay thirsty my friends.