Whether they’re staring into a closet and talking to something not there or recounting memories they have as your grandfather, kids can be creepy. These kids take that to the next level in the five freakiest feral children in film


Erica, “Eskalofrio”

Murderous, bitey children serve up a healthy dose of horror as your natural impulse for self defense skips a beat as your conscience takes a second to figure out if in this case it’s okay to drop kick a child that’s trying to end your life. As a new transplant to the countryside, Santi finds himself in a tough spot as he also has a disease that gives him healthy canines and an aversion to sunlight, which never helps when trying to make new friends. Worse for Santi is a number of brutal attacks occurring on the townspeople by a feral little girl whose reasoning is spoilerific and thus will be avoided. Erica is an interesting pseudo-villain whose bloody choices to deal with trauma make her a scary as hell feral child, just watch the lost soccer ball scene if you’re in need of goose bumps.


Gang of children, “Citadel”

A man’s wife is brutally beaten by a gang of hoodie wearing kids but still manages to deliver their unborn child before dying in “Citadel.” Tommy, the new father, finds himself unable to deal with the outside world due to his newfound agoraphobia but that doesn’t matter to the gang of ruthless children as they seek him out to take away his baby. There’s a reason feral doesn’t equate with cute as Tommy goes after his baby back in the apartment building only to be lured into a trap by this gang of scaries.


Penguin, “Batman Returns”

Raised by the sewer penguins, the worst kind of penguin, The Penguin was a feral little child just waiting for a hero to come along to be his foil. You’d think that a child thrown into the sewer would find his passion in building orphanages but in “Batman Returns” the Penguin’s myopic vision is on drowning the first born sons of Gotham in a pool. The Penguin is so feral that upon shooting one of his henchmen, dressed as a clown, he actually is able to make you feel bad for the clown


Victoria and Lilly, “Mama”

The only thing worse than one feral child is two, unless it’s a raccoon drunk on hard cider because they’re mean drunks. Victoria and Lilly go on a car ride with their father with the goal being a double murder/suicide but ice intervenes and the two end up under the care of a supernatural being. Lilly’s determination to be with “Mama” gives her the cliff ending she probably deserved if not wanted.


Nell, “Nell”

Perhaps more childlike than child, Nell is a person who’s lived a sheltered yet mentally tortured life. With her growing years being influenced by both her mother’s fear of men as well as her affected speech, Nell’s life becomes a series of potential strikes against her in terms of becoming a part of society. Whether you laugh or wince at Nell up in the rafters upon her discovery, her life has made her a definite feral child with a side of freaky.