There haven't been many movie monsters scarier than the Japanese lizard Godzilla. This large and scaly creature has been terrorizing not only the asian continent for decades but has also seen him move across the world and look to destroy and murder westerners too. A second American version is currently in development so to celebrate this here is a list of the 5 quintessential Godzilla movies.



The giant lizard's first appearance came in Ishiro Honda's 1954 extravaganza when a mutated dinosaur was awoken by atomic tests. "Gorijira" is a classic of Japanese post-war cinema and made the monster a star in his own right.


"Mothra vs Godzilla"

The first installment to see a greedy businessman looking to exploit an insect egg for his own profits, then pits this Mothra against an upset Godzilla. Stunning camera-work and monster blows make this one of the quintessential Godzilla movies.


"Invasion of Astro Monster"

Aliens + Godzilla = freakish fun. That seems like the correct formula to use. These friendly aliens look to use the monster to help them get rid of a three-headed destroyer named King Ghidorah, but a war soon breaks out between the planets.


"Godzilla vs. Hedorah"

Basically, Godzilla works as a cleaner in this edition of the series when a villain named Hedorah, made entirely from pollution, starts to cover Tokyo in his dirt. Disgusting creature. The closest movie you'll ever get to an arty Godzilla movie.



The first America remake of the science fiction monster disaster was directed by Roland Emmerich and is regarded as a loose remake of the 1954 Japanese version. Ridiculed on its release it's actually an enjoyable romp with Matthew Broderick excelling in his role, as usual.