Harry Potter is disturbing enough without his fans. Like many religious and political figures, Harry's fanclub is even creepier. If you can watch the Harry Potter movies without getting the heebee jeebees, you still won't be able to sit through these fan created videos without flinching. As a fair warning, it might be worth your while to hit the back button right now. But you're not chicken enough to do that. Right?

World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan. A man-dressed as Harry Potter and claiming to be Harry Potter himself-also claims to be Harry's biggest fan in the world. Whoever he is in his twisted and contradictory world, he is sure proud of his obsession. Donning a black and red wizard suit, he proclaims, "I can wear Harry Potter clothing every day for three months without wearing the same thing twice." The videographer proves this by panning the camera to the guy's wardrobe. The video could be some type of contest entry because he thanks all of his own fans in the meta-description for voting for him-unless he's just having delusions of being the real Harry. Is this guy's British accent phonier than Pamela Anderson's boobs and Donald Trump's hair? Leave a comment below. 

The Real World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan. That dude with the fake accent needs to step aside because here's a force to be reckoned with. A man from Austria also claims to be Potter's biggest fan. Not just the biggest fan in Austria, but in the world. Dressed in a black Dementor costume and a face mask, he starts the video by dancing to Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean". His black steak knife transforms a slightly disturbing fan video into a slightly more than disturbing fan video. There is no long, rambling, boasting dialog about all the stuffed Potter characters he sleeps with. It's no talk and all action

How to Be a True Harry Potter fan. While the shadowy Austrian figure doesn't need lessons, the other guy could learn a thing or two from this how-to video. It begins with a stick figure animation and a pop quiz about Harry potter movies. While some people who claim to be real fans might take issue with answers such as "pig farts", the quiz does seem to be a pretty fair indicator of Potter piety. The video also advocates stalking Harry Potter actors to prove your allegiance. 

Potter Puppet Pals. Potter Puppet Pals is actually a series of videos featuring puppets that depict Harry Potter characters. One of the creepiest of them is above. We could try to give you a description of the crazy machinations and goings-on in the video, but really, our words could never do it proper justice. You just have to see it, as it is way beyond comment. 

"Mudblood" Trailer. What's more disturbing than puppets singing nonsensical strings of syllables? It is the fact that some Harry Potter fans are making spinoffs. The "Mudblood" trailer leads in with a recitation of a letter to "Jenny" as a partially animated black-cloaked Dementor figure approaches the camera. Like most film trailers, you never know what the movie's going to be about. What is known is that it's a live-action animation hybrid that will probably keep you up all night huddled with your five year old. Do yourself a favor and don't watch the above video. Maybe it's too late. Oh well. Sleep tight!