The 5 Craziest Myths About JK Rowling

Sunday, May 13 by John Coon

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JK Rowling has enjoyed more fame and fortune than practically any other author can hope to enjoy in a lifetime. Rowling also holds the distinction of accumulating a set of peculiar myths related to her past, her personality and her current life. Some of these tales rival the creativity as the series of "Harry Potter" books she penned. Is she a Satanist? Was she once penniless? Check out these five myths for Rowling and see what everyone is saying about the famous author:

Rowling was broke when she wrote her first Harry Potter novel:


The story goes that Rowling had no money and scribbled down the rough draft of her first Harry Potter novel in a local coffee shop because she had no money to pay the heating bill in her flat. In reality, the coffee shop Rowling wrote at belonged to her brother-in-law. She was on government benefits for a short time, but was hardly in the dire straits many believed her to be.

Rowling publicly declared she is a Satan worshiper:

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A popular urban legend has Rowling admitting in an interview that she is a Satanist and that her Harry Potter books are designed to bring children to Satan. These rumors derive from satirical new articles on sites like “The Onion” that link Satanism to the “Harry Potter” series. It is also designed to play on fears of conservative Christians and Muslims who believe the books glamorize witchcraft. In real life, she is no such thing.

Rowling said poor people should not read her books:

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A quote has been attributed to Rowling in an interview where she expressed her dislike of poor people, saying they were beneath her, and stated she did not want them reading her books. This alleged quote seems dubious at best, given that Rowling herself suffered financial difficulties earlier in life.

Rowling's great-grandfather received a national award for bravery from France:

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When Rowling was awarded the prestigious Légion d'honneur award by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009, she was believed to be following in her great-grandfather's footsteps. After digging into her family history for a British TV show, Rowling discovered that he had actually received an award from his trade union.

Rowling helped Kate McCann write a book:

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It was reported that Rowling had pitched in to help Kate McCann write and edit a book about the 2007 disappearance of McCann's daughter Madeline in Portugal. While Rowling and McCann shared the same literary agent, their association ended there. There was no collaboration between the two women on that book or any other book.

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