The 5 Best ‘Underworld’ Fight Scenes

Tuesday, December 20 by

The Underworld movies (or “the Underworld trilogy of films”) are famous for their depictions of werewolf-on-vampire violence, and vice versa. With the entire series getting updated with a newly released “Essential Collection Blu-ray™ Trilogy Set (complete with three never-before-seen Underworld anime shorts), it might be a good time to explore the best examples of that violence in the series. So tighten your black leather fightin’ suits, gang, it’s werewolf-and-vampire-killin’ time!

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Selene vs. Michael vs. Viktor , Underworld

The only thing tougher to deal with than a vampire and/or a werewolf is a vampire-werewolf hybrid, as you can see in the character of Michael, who was unfortunately transformed into one. You might not know it to see him fight Elder Vampire Viktor, though, who uses his experience in the field of supernatural ass-kicking to make quick work of him. Thankfully Kate Beckinsale‘s Selene and a big old sword were also present, giving Viktor only a few moments before part of his head gets sliced off the, uh, rest of his head. Ouch.

Michael vs William/Selene vs. Markus, Underworld Evolution

Lots of action movies utilize the technique of two simultaneous fights on two different fronts, and the sequel to Underworld is no different. Vampire twins Markus and William are up against our friends Selene and Michael – with one crucial difference: Selene has recently ingested some wild super vampire blood of her own, which gives her powers she never had before. For example, she pulls a spike out of her chest and drives it through Markus’ head. Michael takes a less elegant approach, opting to tear his guy’s head off. Whatever works.

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