So you're looking for the 5 best">movies set in Ohio. Better than actually living there, right? Just kidding. Whether you watch them in preparation for a trip to Ohio, or in lieu of one, is your business. Or maybe you actually live in Ohio, in which case, keep on rocking. Oh, Ohio, round on the ends, high in the middle.


Stanley Kubrick's ode to the love that only dare speak its name after her 18th birthday begins in Ohio, before Professor Humbert Humbert and his child girlfriend Lolita embark on a cross-country road trip. The action may take Lolita and company all over the country, but her heart remains in Ohio. That's one interpretation, anyway.

Super 8.

An homage to the midwestern fantasies of Steven Spielberg,">Super 8 would probably make the list of best movies set in Ohio even if it were set in some fictional state. As it is, the town of Lilian, Ohio might not exist in real life, but the town will be familiar to anyone who calls Ohio home. Before the giant monster starts wreaking havoc, that is. Then it looks more like Detroit.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Any list of the 5 best movies set in Ohio would be incomplete without The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is perhaps the definitive movie about the Ohio experience. OK, maybe not, but it's certainly one of the most popular movies set in Ohio—inspiring a cult following like few other movies before or since.


Not only is Steven Soderbergh's "improvisational thriller" one of the best movies set in Ohio, its cast is made up of non-professional actors, many of them from the Ohio area—even the film's musical score is by Ohio's native Robert Pollard. The story follows a handful of regular folk living along the Ohio River before a shocking murder throws everyone under suspicion. It might not have the approval of the Ohio Tourism Board, but it's definitely one of the best movies set in Ohio.

The Faculty.

Like Super 8, The Faculty is an homage to an older era of scifi/horror, this one from director Robert Rodriguez. Instead of ET or Close Encounters, The Faculty is a modern high school spin on Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also like Super 8, it's set in a fictional Ohio town—this one is called "Herrington." Is Ohio really a hotbed of alien replicants? Probably not, but it's still interesting to think of.