After dressing up as Hermoine, and seeing the new "Harry Potter" movie, there's no doubt you're wondering what the five best "Harry Potter" spells could possibly be. There are a lot of spells used in the movies, but which ones are the best? Don't get your robes in a bunch, you're about to know the best of the best of "Harry Potter" spells.


This is quite possibly the most used spell in "Harry Potter," and for a good reason. It disarms the other person of and weapon they may be wielding. Usually this spell is used only in duels, but most of the people in the movies use it against Death Eaters. The reason Death Eaters are never seen using this spell, is because it is non-lethal. Death Eaters aren't really known for friendly disarming spells. More like, I'm-here-to-murder-you spells.

"Expecto Patronum!"

This spell is used only by a few characters in the series. It's a spell that casts out an animal in a ghost-like form, and it expells any surrounding dementors. Dementors are creatures that suck the happiness out of you until you have no happy memories or emotions left at all (What jerks). When this spell is cast, the dementors are expelled, but the effects of the dementors are also reversed. 


You've probably heard this one a lot in the last three films. Harry tries using this spell to retrieve horcruxes, but it never worked. Accio is a spell that fetches an object that you may not be able to reach, or that may be lost. If only it was as simple as saying, "Accio remote control!" life would be so much easier.


Basically, this spell makes a wand into a flashlight. Harry, Ron and Hermoine use it a lot throughout the series. There's nothing too special about this spell, but it does come in handy when you're trying to find horcruxes, or that pesky remote control.

"Avada Kedavra!"

This is the most simple spell, but also the most devastating one of them all. It does one thing, and one thing only: kill. Death Eaters are the only people in the series that are said to have used it. Of course, Lord Voldemort uses it an unimaginable amount of times, because he's a jerk. Lord Voldemort says this spell very strangely in the movies, so prepare to laugh at him when he does say it.