Inspiration can lead you down the path to the world of terrible but it can also take you to some of the best "Harry Potter" fan created videos. Shift your perspective a little to the side where trolls still lurk under bridges and bad things go bump in the night. Grab your sorting hat and chocolate frogs and see what the minds that were touched by the little spell thrower came up with on their own.

"Stupefy You". PITtv team-Philo's Folly brings the charm of the "Harry Potter" films and combines them with the Cee Lo song "F**k You". Together they make a fan created "Harry Potter" video that cheerfully grabs onto some of the mythos within the stories and makes Severus Snape the downtrodden lovesick kid that oftentimes get buried underneath the surliness and snarls. "Stupefy You" is one of the million of passed love notes in junior high that still leaves a mark even after being tossed in the recycling. Well worth the watching for the amusing take on Snape's long crush on the future Lily Potter.

"The Marauders' Worst Memory". The character of Severus Snape seems to be a favorite of the fans who either love to hate him or bear a secret delight at his actions. This fan crafted "Harry Potter" film drops into Snape's past which means it's James Potter who gets to share the spotlight instead of Harry. With a feel of being shot on VHS, which serves the back history of this story, "The Marauders' Worst Memory" has what most short films lack: a beginning, middle and end. The story is worthwhile and interesting and the cast dives into the material with a clear love for the project. Directed by Erin Pyne, this tale features a perfectly made up werewolf that is sure to set the standard for low budget productions.

"Mudblood". Jumping on the concept that the revolution by Voldemort would have implications for more countries than just the United Kingdom, Regression Studios brings the war to America. A nice dose of simmering threat as well as the tried and true formula of a character who didn't know who they truly were, gives this "Harry Potter" fan film trailer for "Mudblood" an excellent tone. The war of magic has come unto distant shores and hasn't lost any of its dark allure. The expansion into America provides the viewer with the perfect moody environs and shadows that are sure to spark your imagination in a great "What if?" scenario.

"Harry Potter and the Muggle Wand". Featuring the best interpretation of the phrase "Muggle wand" that isn't X-rated, Ross Villeneuve creates a far less puny version of Harry Potter and brings him into the realm of B-movie action star. "Harry Potter and the Muggle Wand" is definitely not for small children or those who still believe in fairies, but is worth a view or two. Be prepared for a nice surprise and a few adult-sized chuckles once you hit play. This is a simple idea combined with an excellent idea on the dark side of Muggle inventions, which makes the resultant double take you'll experience worth the cost of your time.

"Gateway". Indy Mogul does what comes naturally to low budge productions and makes use of night and shadow in order to save the expenses that would come from cgi and other movie magic. A bit of cute humor and some nice little wand on wan fighting, "Gateway" tells its own story without the need for much exposition or heady concepts. Be prepared for a fair amount of stylized wand fighting which relies heavily on spins and hand motions that should pay a heavy fine to martial arts and superhero movies, but once you get beyond that you'll find a nice little fan made "Harry Potter" film.